Ashley Sutter
The Shelby County Board of Education honored the district's Governor's Scholars on Thursday. The scholar participants include: Hannah Cleary, Rachel Everage, Matthew Munsterman, Caroline Burkhardt, Grant Early, Meredith Gaither, Kimberlee Hebdon, Alicia Reeder, Johnna Warkentine, Katharina Warkentine, Lindsay Creque, Renee Stohlmann, Benjamin Betts, Noah Gartland and Hanako Boucher.
SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD - Preliminary tax talk

No tax rate action has been taken as of yet, but on Thursday Susan Barkley, the district’s director of finance, presented the certified property assessment report for the 2017-2018 school year and said she had good news.

“After receiving the certified assessment information, I’m happy to say that the amounts included in the tentative budget were within two percent of what we are now calculating based on the certified assessments,” she said, noting that gave the district an increase of about $478,000 of what was included in the tentative budget.


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