Today's Opinions

  • A heart-warming story

    In regards to the family that was on last week's front page with the little raccoon - that was a heart-warming story.

    Life today is full of bad news, killings, robberies and politics. It made me feel and remember there are still good things going on in the world - families doing things together and in the midst of war, discrimination, and selfishness.

    We as a country need to see good things. The Cox family should be proud to show their grandchildren there's still hope for love, for all of God's creatures, no matter how big or small.

    Margaret Jordan,

  • Stay away from raccoons

    Mrs Cox should stay away from the raccoon. He may look safe today, but tomorrow he could show signs of rabies.

    There are two types of rabies, "dumb" and "furious." An animal with furious rabies may act strangely. He could be unnaturally withdrawn or abnormally affectionate. Then the animal can go through a period of biting anything in its path.

    With dumb rabies there is no mad period. They exhibit paralysis, usually of the lower jaw, which spreads to the limbs and vital organs.