Today's Opinions

  • The gift of life

    With only a few weeks until Christmas it seems everyone is searching for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. There are few greater feelings than giving a loved one something you know they will cherish. But I want to remind each of you of the greatest gift you could ever give anyone, and it doesn't come in a pretty box with a bow. It is "the gift of life."

  • Farmers market grows

    Once again the selling season for the Shelby County Farmers' Market has come to a close. This was a difficult growing season for all due to a variety of adverse conditions. I am proud of all of our vendors for the determination to bring all of our market customers' fresh fruits and vegetables throughout a challenging season.

  • Minding our business

    With regards to Mr. Henniger's comments regarding letters from folks who don't live in Simpsonville, I hope that he never needs the communty's assistance. We will all be too busy minding our own business.

    Shaun York

    Shelbyville, KY

  • Power to condemn land

    In a Letter to the editor in the Henry County Local of November 14, Ferenc Vegh said his mother "asked the Airport Authority Board chair, Mr. Westbrook, how can a board appointed by Oldham County Fiscal Court, have jurisdiction (for eminent domain purposes) in another county. His answer to her was 'Because we can.'" (Henry County Local, Nov. 14, 2007)

  • Infamous four-letter phrases

    My wife has never said a curse word. I'm serious. Never. She may have read one out loud from a book or spelled one out when referencing something that someone else said, but to this day she has never employed any of the infamous four-letter phrases in her everyday speech.

    When she stubs her toe, she says "Oh Fudge."

    When she gets flustered - "Jeez Lewis."

    And on a few occasions when she's been really upset I've heard her say, "Golly golly gumdrops." But I think she was mostly kidding with that one.

  • Oldham needs to be a better neighbor .....

    Last year, the citizens of Shelby County were approached from a group of people about the possibility of forming an Airport Authority Board to check into the possibility of locating a regional airport in Shelby County. It does not matter if you were for or against it, I believe all can agree it was presented to the people and the citizen's spoke-there was not enough support for such an endeavor.

  • In your backyard

    Shelby community columns

    The Sentinel-News is happy to have three community correspondents. In case you have not noticed, we have added an "In Your Backyard" column written by three different people in the community. As a way of recognizing them for the wonderful start we have had this fall, I want to introduce them personally to readers.

    Michelle Bray is our Waddy correspondent. She is the young whippersnapper of the group. She attended Morehead State University and now lives in Waddy.

  • A Christian nation

    Regarding "Fed up with Revisionist History" in the November 14 issue of the Sentinel-News.

    Whether the inhabitants of Jamestown practiced a perverted life style or not is certainly not relative to my objection to this letter. Men and women have been involved in this since the ancient times as history will tell you. That does not make it right and Christian Biblical scripture calls it an "abomination."