My Word

  • MY WORD: A lifetime of learning

    To the Community of Shelbyville:

    I am Noemi Mauro, exchange student from Italy, and I have been living here for the last 10 months. It is almost time for me to go back but before doing so I would like to take this opportunity to share how thankful I am for my time here. Shelbyville is a community that has a lot to give, and I have had the joy and pleasure to receive it.

  • MY WORD: A restaurant tax could benefit our parks system

    I write this letter wearing two hats, one as the Director of Parks and Recreation and another as a citizen of Shelby County.

    As the topic of a restaurant tax has arisen, I have heard different points of view in favor of the restaurant tax and points of view against it. I may not have all the exact details or know how it will affect everyone, but I do support the restaurant tax for many reasons.

  • MY WORD: Tourism helps local economy to the tune of about $59 million

    With its beautiful Saddlebred horse farm tours, iconic and varied restaurants and outstanding shopping venues, Shelbyville, Simpsonville and Shelby County give visitors many reasons to visit our community, known for its small-town charm and world-class equestrian events.

    The role of the ShelbyKY Tourism Commission & Visitors Bureau is to encourage guests to stay overnight and visit our restaurants, shops and attractions. With National Travel and Tourism Week underway May 2 to 10, it is a good time to look at the role of tourism and its economic impact on our community.

  • MY WORD: Avoiding tax, finding Right To Work and tort reform

    My apologies for the clumsy paragraph in the March 11 column “Avoiding tax while revitalizing with private money.” The clarification by the editor didn’t reflect my feelings about these two projects, one of which is a done deal—the $500,000 “gift” for the Blue Gables project.

  • MY WORD: Opposes restaurant tax, support virtuous citizens

    The American founders believed in the equal protection of all the peoples’ rights and thus insured that all would have the freedom to prosper.

    The Shelbyville City Council's restaurant tax operates to negate those protections. At the last workshop the council discussed how best to spend the tax money, not whether they should collect a tax or not.

  • Thanks Shelby County!

    Eight years ago, almost to the day, I was living at High Point Apartments and starting my new job as Publisher of The Sentinel-News.

    It’s been a good eight-year run.

    My last day is Friday, and my wife and I have decided to head back to Florida where there is family that needs our help. It’s just the right time.

  • MY WORD: Finding support on the war with ISIS

    Peggy Noonan, in her weekly editorial in the Feb. 7 edition of The Wall Street Journal, said there are two schools of thought on what has caused the dramatic growth of the terrorist group ISIS.

    Half of Washington says, “George W. Bush broke Iraq and ISIS was born.” The other half says, “When Obama withdrew from Iraq, ISIS was born.”

    Does it really matter? The fact is this murderous bunch believe in causes we don’t understand and their ranks are growing.

  • MY WORD: Unregulated power corrupts

    To the disciples and worshipers of The Wall Street Journal as their bible, who glorify big business as the supplier of jobs and prosperity, complaining of any government regulation as evil and unfair oppression, ignoring the obscene salaries of big business executives, even in our hospitals, as well as banking, insurance, oil and auto companies, I commend the writings of Thomas Paine, particularly “Common Sense.” It ignited our revolution against unrestrained power.

  • MY WORD: Understanding our fight with terrorism

    The number of civilian employees in the U.S. Department of Defense has grown by 7 percent since 2009, while the number military personal has declined by 8 percent.

    If we get into a war armed only with pencils we will surely win by force of numbers – 750,000 of them and counting. Even the military has been ceded to the bureaucrats. These are pencil pushers who haven’t a clue to the difference between a strategy and a tactic. Add to this all the improvements in armament, which have been scrapped plus exploding increase in terrorist worldwide it really gets scary.

  • MY WORD: Taking a look at addiction

    Let’s talk about alcohol and drug abuse. What’s that have to do with conservatism?

    One of the definitions of conservatism is cautious. My good friend the late Tom Cobb’s favorite expression was “all things in moderation.” My little chair side dictionary says moderation is another word for temperance.

    I had an uncle who was a functioning alcoholic. When he died of lung cancer –he couldn’t control his smoking either – we had to hire two people to replace him.