• Letters to the Editor: Oct. 16, 2013

    Appreciates support


    As a small business owner in Louisville, I feel very fortunate to be represented by such business-minded legislators as Congressman Thomas Massie and Senators Mitch McConnell and Randy Paul. They have taken a stand against the Marketplace Fairness Act, and for that I am grateful. As our legislators realize, the MFA will impose a huge burden upon small businesses like mine for a number of reasons.

  • Letters to the Editor: Oct. 9, 2013

    Charged up

  • Letters to the Editor: Oct. 2, 2013

    Loves horse farm tour

    It was our pleasure to be treated to a tour of a championship riding horse farm during our visit in mid-September.  I have misplaced the name of our tour guide, but he was most informative and knowledgeable. We were totally impressed with the idea that the Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce and Tourism participated in the program.

  • Letters to the Editor: Sept. 25, 2013

    Health-care reform


    Concerning the your My Word by Sen. Mitch McConnell (“Don’t want health-care reform,” Sept. 18), I cannot understand why someone elected by the people to represent them would be so opposed to something that will help them. Namely, health insurance.

    I have had health insurance since age 18, starting with my place of employment, then through my husband’s place of employment and then Medicare. When I was younger, I never used it, but since around age 60, it has been a lifesaver.

  • Letters to the Editor: Sept. 18, 2013

    Murders at Navy base
    The tragic news of this event brought back some memories. The killings occurred at the Bureau of Ship, that controls the design and construction of naval vessels. Back during WW2,  the Bureau of Ships and the Bureau of Personnel, both in that Washington D. C., naval base, were thought to be ideal duty, since it was considered a safe place, where no one was shooting at you.

  • Letters to the Editor: Sept. 11, 2013

    Supports schools


    Well, Mr. [Tony] Harover, I see you have expressed your opinion once again in our local newspaper (“School tax plan,” Letters to the editor, Aug. 28). While I certainly support your right to do so, I strongly disagree with your premise. To hold the superintendent and our school board hostage to your opinion is wrong thinking.

  • Letters to the Editor: Sept. 4, 2013

    Pass Fairness Ordinance

    There's been a lot of talk lately about gays and lesbians and whether or not we should pass a Fairness Ordinance to give "them" equal protection. Imagine that!

  • Letters to the Editor: Aug. 28, 2013

    About the closing of women’s gym


  • Letters to the Editor: Aug. 14, 2013

    Construction zone issues


    An article in The Sentinel-News (“Simpsonville safety concerns draw review,” July 24) about safety concerns in the construction area on Buck Creek Road and I-64 stated no accidents had occurred. I was involved in an accident on July 12 within the construction zone.

  • Letters to the Editor: Aug. 7, 2013

    Turning backwards

    In the last couple of weeks we had comments from Brad Montell and Paul Hornback, and although I respect their input to our community concerning the intersections at I-64 and KY 53 and KY 55, I believe they both have missed the point of the problem. Left-hand turns are not going to work. The only type of left-hand turns that work are right-hand loops, like the one we had at Exit 32B that has been removed.