• Letters to the Editor, Feb. 2, 2011

    Immigration issue

    Thank you, Sarah Fouts, for your contribution of the My Word column (“ Immigrants are people, no matter their status,” Jan. 18). Mark Twain once said, “I have nothing to worry about the audiences I speak to. They will believe anything I tell them, except the truth.” You have presented readers with multiple layers of truth, with factual information and thoughtful discussion of the current illegal immigration issue in this country.

  • Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26, 2011

    Idle patrol cars burn fuel

    I recently drove by Thorntons in Shelbyville and happened to notice that a few police cars parked there. This is not the first time that I have seen these cars parked there.
    On my way back (about 10 minutes later), I drove into Thorntons, and to my surprise the  cars – from Shelbyville Police Department and the Kentucky State Police – were  still there. And when I went into the store, I found four policemen having a lovely chat. It seemed that they where having a good time!

  • Letters to the Editor, Jan. 19, 2011

    Landlords beware

    As a landlord, I've been through evictions before, as I'm sure most of you have. But it is a shame that when you try to help someone, you get stabbed in the back. The fact is that the law is on the renter's side. Renters are given 30 to 60, sometimes even 90 days, to leave the premises. That can add up to a bit of money, and our payments have to be made on time. I won't mention any names.

  • Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12, 2011

    Smoking ban is good idea

    Our local legislatures, Rep. Brad Montell and Sen. Paul Hornback, said they aren't interested in passing a statewide anti-smoking bill. This bill should be voted on and passed. Why?
    According to the National Cancer Society, secondhand smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds of which more than 60 are known or suspected to cause cancer.
    Secondhand smoke in the US each year is responsible for:
    •    An estimated 46,000 non-smokers dying from heart disease.

  • Letters to the Editor, Jan. 5, 2011

    Sampson missed

  • Letters to the Editor, Dec. 22, 2010

    Good help for Pearsons

    We are sorry the Pearson Brothers lost their home (“Fire injures Shelbyville man, leaves his brother homeless,” Dec. 17) but thankful the two are still alive. We have known the Pearson family our whole lives and found them to be nice and helpful people to neighbors. Our community will continue to assist and rally around the two brothers.
    The tasks/ jobs performed by Shelbyville Fire and Police departments and the Shelby County Sheriff’s office were extraordinary and commendable.

  • Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29, 2010

    Pipeline is unnecessary

    To me, as a taxpayer, it looks like the Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer management sees the proposed water pipeline project as "free money looking for a way to be spent" (“Shelbyville moves ahead with studies for water pipeline,” Dec. 8). These federal, state and local "grants" they are getting and seeking are our money. There are many reasons this project is not necessary and too costly.

  • A heart-warming story

    In regards to the family that was on last week's front page with the little raccoon - that was a heart-warming story.

    Life today is full of bad news, killings, robberies and politics. It made me feel and remember there are still good things going on in the world - families doing things together and in the midst of war, discrimination, and selfishness.

    We as a country need to see good things. The Cox family should be proud to show their grandchildren there's still hope for love, for all of God's creatures, no matter how big or small.

    Margaret Jordan,

  • Stay away from raccoons

    Mrs Cox should stay away from the raccoon. He may look safe today, but tomorrow he could show signs of rabies.

    There are two types of rabies, "dumb" and "furious." An animal with furious rabies may act strangely. He could be unnaturally withdrawn or abnormally affectionate. Then the animal can go through a period of biting anything in its path.

    With dumb rabies there is no mad period. They exhibit paralysis, usually of the lower jaw, which spreads to the limbs and vital organs.