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  • Datebook - Nov. 7, 2018

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    Travelers in Russia presentation

  • SHELBYVILLE CITY COUNCIL - Council to honor WWI veterans

    The Shelbyville City Council will kick off its meeting Thursday with a proclamation to honor those of Shelbyville who perished in WWI.

  • Tricks to stay dry for the treats

    With heavy downpours expected to continue throughout the day, many across the state have already checked trick or treating off their Halloween to-do lists. Numerous counties, cities and neighborhoods Monday announced their plans to shift the fun back one day to avoid the anticipated inclement weather.  Meanwhile Shelby County confirmed plans to weather the storm.

  • Candidate under fire for septic concerns

     A candidate for circuit clerk is facing a case of his own as a couple is seeking justice following a home purchase made under what they say was false pretenses.

    According to a complaint filed in circuit court last week, Courtney Sanders and Gregory Short purchased a home on Elmburg Road last October.  The complaint states the sellers, Austin and Emma Redmon, were “unaware of any problems with the sewer system.” 

    However, a septic inspection in February revealed to the homeowners that the Redmon’s claim might be dishonest.

  • SCOPES-Sentinel-News political forum hosts candidates for all county races

    Reggie Van Stockum has been hosting the SCOPES/Sentinel-News political forum since it began 30 years ago, but this year, he said, had more candidates than he had ever seen.

    The forum brought together candidates from across Shelby County’s political spectrum, in partisan and nonpartisan races alike, giving them a chance to make their cases to potential voters as the election winds closer and closer.

    Partisan candidates represented at the forum included those vying for offices in Frankfort as well as offices in the local courthouse.

  • Judge, city, school board candidates share visions

     While many of the races at the SCOPE-Sentinel-News forum offered a choice between red and blue, there were a number of nonpartisan races for judge and city governments.

    The first two candidates for a nonpartisan office were District 53 Judge J.R. RoBards and his opponent, Linda Dixon Bullock.

  • Dems, GOP hold rallies across the street

     While challenges to the other party are common at political rallies, it’s not often that they are within shouting distance.

    And yet, when the Shelby County Republicans and Democrats planned a pair of political rallies on Oct. 26 that is exactly what happened.

  • Datebook - Oct. 31, 2018

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    NAACP election

  • Nipping lung cancer in the bud

    November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. In recognition of this, Jewish Hospital Shelbyville recently released a statement urging those at-risk of developing lung cancer to consider screening options.

    According to the American Cancer Society, Kentucky continues to have the highest rates of lung cancer in the country.

  • A memorable event

     Homemaker leaders from across the region assembled at the Shelby County Cooperative Extension Office Wednesday morning for a lesson on exercising the brain.

    Debbie Hembree, who led the class, shared with the group activities, games and other methods to keep the brain active and healthy.

    “Make a game out of trying to improve your memory and keep your brain active,” Hembree said, noting social activity, brain stimulation and physical activity all contribute to a strong memory.