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  • Rockets loaded, ready for another run - Team looks to get back to state tourney

    The Shelby County baseball team made an improbable run to the state tournament last year, finishing as state runners-up. This year the Rockets look to get one win further.

    First-year head coach Bart Roettger said he believes the 2008 Rockets can make that run.

  • Agrees with editorial

    The editorial on CATS testing (in the March 12 Sentinel-News) is 100 percent on tract. My grandson is a early out senior from Shelby Co. He tells the same story. Teachers can't teach anything but the test.

    I talked for some time last night to Allen Stewart, one of the best

    teachers Shelby County ever had, retired before he wanted to because

    after CATS he could not teach as he knew he should.

    The CATS scores may be going up but from what I understand ACT test

    scores are going down. If we are graduating kids from high school

  • Wiley named head of tech school

    A little over 25 years ago, Susan Wiley was taking classes at the Shelby County Area Technology Center in order to prepare for her future career in business. Wiley credits her education there for putting her on a successful career path and for helping her to land her new job as the school's new principal.

    Wiley, who will take her position as head of the technical school in two weeks, said she is excited about her new position and the possibility it affords in influencing students' education.

  • Pain at the pump - Local gas expected to hit $4 by summer

    Ricky Grigsby expects gas prices to hit $4 per gallon by this summer. He said he has no other choice but to sell his truck and get a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle.

    Grigsby said, other than driving to work, he tries to drive as little as possible - the price at the pump is just too much.

    "We don't travel as much as we used to," he said. "And I don't know what this will mean for summer vacation plans."

  • Round one goes to Shelby County

    Fueled by good ball movement and solid rebounding, the Rockets never fell behind Thursday as they blasted past the Lincoln County Patriots, 70-58, and into the second round of the 2008 National City/KHSAA state championship tournament at Rupp Arena.

    Against the bigger Rockets, the Patriots kept the ball outside where they shot 28 three-pointers. But the Rockets expected that game plan and held the Patriots to only nine connections from behind the arch, and most misses were rebounded by the Rockets.

  • Triple S approves digital zoning maps

    Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing Tuesday on the subject of new zoning maps and approved the motion to suggest to the Shelby County, Shelbyville, and Simpsonville governing bodies that the new Geographic Information System zoning maps replace their current official zoning maps.

    Ryan Libke, executive director of Triple S, explained that the new maps would be easier to both comprehend and work with than the old maps.

  • Court rejects water board nominee

    A usually routine appointment to a water board brought complaints of politics-as-usual at Tuesday's fiscal court meeting, rejection by the court, and a 'scolding' by county Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger.

    Rothenburger nominated Process Machinery President David Miles to a four-year term on the West Shelby Water District Board. He would replace Bob McDowell, of Simpsonville, who has sat on the board for 17 years. McDowell's term recently expired.

  • Community datebook

    Support groups

    March 20 -- Parents of Children with Learning Differences and Attention Difficulties meets at 7 p.m. at the Learning Disabilities Association of Kentucky, 2210 Goldsmith Ln., #118, Louisville. For additional information call the LDA office at 502-473-1256.

    March 24 -- An ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease) support group meets 6 p.m. at Cardinal Hill Rehab Center on Bluegrass Parkway (Bluegrass Industrial Park, I-64 and Hurstbourne Lane) in Louisville. For more information, call 800-406-7702.

    Public can attend

  • Local volunteer receives awards

    Dr. Teresa Gregory spent her day off Tuesday helping the Shelby County Humane Society spay or neuter over 50 cats.

    Gregory, who works full-time as a veterinarian at the Crestwood Veterinary Hospital, volunteers locally once a week in an effort to control the number of unwanted cats and dogs and reduce the number of animals that are euthanized in county.

    Last year Gregory spayed over 3,000 cats and dogs on her own time. And many weeks she will work seven days in a row.

  • Lincoln County guards to provide first test

    When the Shelby County boys' basketball team opens Sweet 16 play in Rupp Arena Thursday against Lincoln County at 1:30 p.m. the game may have a familiar look.

    The opponent's jerseys and court will be different, but the Patriots play a style very similar to South Oldham, a team the Rockets beat three times this year.

    Like South Oldham, Lincoln County shoots the three, they shoot it often and they are successful doing it.

    Lincoln County has shot 657 three-point shots, making 217 (33 percent).