Today's News

  • The fake hills of Shelby County

    The only Shelby County that many Americans will ever see is the land along 1-64.

    After passing through the modern sprawl of Louisville, the county line is a welcome site to weary eyes. The land, which is known for its pastoral beauty and natural splendor, draws more tourism and business into the community than any advertisement ever could.

    That splendor has now been compromised.

  • Crime spree targets unlocked cars

    Police are warning the public to lock their cars following a rash of car break-ins last week.

    The suspects still have not been apprehended and Shelbyville Police officer Istvan Kovacs cautioned citizens to keep their vehicles locked and not to leave valuables in their cars.

    "It's just not a safe place to keep things," he said.

    A total of 13 car break-ins occurred in the city altogether, with nine of them happening on June 26 and four on June 29.

  • Police investigate Hispanic gang activity

    Do Hispanic gangs exist in Shelbyville?

    "The answer to that is very clear -- yes," said Jailer Bobby Waits.

    Waits, though perhaps more emphatic in his opinion than some others, is not alone in believing that Hispanic gangs are present here.

    Shelbyville Police and the Shelby County Sheriff's Office both agree that the gangs exist, but say that ,so far, their activities have been mainly confined to spray painting graffiti and what they call "recruiting."

  • Progress one bite at a time

    Bite. Chew. Swallow.

    Most of us can perform the motions of eating all too well. But for Reanna Miller, 4, who has a rare disease called Townes Brock Syndrome, eating is a challenging - and sometimes dangerous -- chore.

    Reanna has already endured heart surgery, is partially deaf, has been on a ventilator and suffers from gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). For much of her life she has been fed via a feeding tube in her stomach.

  • Cal Ripken League All-stars play next week


    The Shelby County 11-year-old All-stars will look to chip away at teams with base hits and solid defense.

    "I think we'll be strong defensively, and I've been impressed with the way we've hit the ball so far," head coach Scott Corn said. "I think we're going to be pretty good."

    The one area of concern is likely a concern for all 11-year-old teams: pitching.

  • Park celebrates the 4th

    Organizers of the Fourth of July event at the Clear Creek Park are expecting a large turnout at their annual celebration on July 4th.

    The theme of this year's celebration is "old-fashioned family fun" and with the activities that are scheduled, the event promises to be just that.

    The event opens at 6 p.m. and the cost of admission is $2 a person. Motorists will enter the park through gate 2 off Burks Branch Road.

  • Tech Center gets budget cuts

    The Shelby County Area Technology Center will have to survive next school year with up to a 12 percent cut to its total budget.

    While the center's administration does not anticipate having to scale back personnel or student services, if the lack of funding continues next year, such cuts would be likely.

    Susan Wiley, the center's principal, told the Shelby County Board of Education last on June 26 that the 10 to 12 percent cut to the center's budget will mostly affect the amount of equipment and supplies that the center can purchase.

  • Cardinal Club to host 'one-arm' golf cup as part of Ryder Cup events

    The Cardinal Club in Simpsonville will host the Humana Fightmaster Cup golf tournament Sept. 12-14. The event is held as part of activities surrounding the prestigious Ryder Cup scheduled for Sept. 16-21 at Valhalla Golf Club.

    The announcement came Monday at the Humana Building in Louisville.

    Karl Schmitt, executive director of the Cup Experience, the host organization for the Ryder Cup events, said the Fightmaster Cup is one of several community-wide events going on in conjunction with the Ryder Cup.

  • TOP DOG: Waddy man breeds champs

    Champion horses are not the only stars living in Shelby County. Top-dog beagles live here, too.

    Bruner's Amanda, a competition hunt beagle, received top honors at the world championship competition hunt held last March in Booneville, Ind.

  • Skate park closed after toilet fire

    Six weeks after its grand opening, the Shelby County Skate Park has been closed after a portable toilet was burned down, apparently as an act of vandalism, according to Clay Cottongim, director of Shelbyville/Shelby County Parks and Recreation.

    Cottongim added that the park will not re-open until the vandals are caught.

    "What we're going to do is put the word out on the street that the park will not re-open until we find out who did the damage," he said.

    According to Cottongim, the incident happened at about 10:54 Monday night.