Today's News

  • Hornback on the road to ready

    One month ago yesterday Republican Paul Hornback was elected the new State Senator for District 20, and although he won't take office for another month, Hornback has already gotten to work.


    "Every day, every day," he said. "I've been meeting with different folks to learn more about their industry or field so I can understand their wants and needs.


    "I'll meet with any person or group that writes, emails or calls and asks me to come. I want to get to know the district."


  • Woman admits $650K in fake loans

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  • U.S. 60-KY 55: A vexing intersection

    Three weeks have passed since the Shelbyville Bypass opened, and already problems are surfacing with issues relating to the newly paved road.

    Residents have written letters to the newspaper, and businesses are speaking out about what problems they see surrounding the intersection west of Shelbyville where the bypass joins KY 55 and U.S. 60.

    Although people have voiced concerns about a number of things, two problems are uppermost in their minds about what they believe needs to be changed about the intersection.

  • State audit: County Clerk's tag renewal process inappropriate

     A procedural issue with how the Shelby County Clerk’s office collects fees for automobile registrations has failed a state audit and has been referred to the Attorney General’s office for legal review.

    Auditors for State Auditor Crit Luallen said County Clerk Sue Carole Perry’s office has been allowing people who owe delinquent auto taxes to renew their registrations without first paying those taxes, and they say that the frequency of these exchanges was why they turned over the matter to law enforcement.

  • Working up a sweat

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  • New business: Pontrich Carpet Cleaning

    Address: 522 Henry Clay Street

    Who we are: "We are a family-owned and operated business and our strength is our service, knowledge and competitive pricing. A lot of our customers say we've made the whole decision-making process a lot easier and they become repeat customers," owner Tommy Pontrich said.

    What we do: The store has expanded into the carpet cleaning business "as an added service to our customers. We've seen several problems with other companies and decided to offer the service ourselves," Pontrich said.

  • Fast scheduled to make plea agreement Monday

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  • Business Q/A: Wayne Allen

    Wayne Allen has for nearly two years been the vice-president of Shelby Industries LLC., which manufactures a wide array of products, most notably components for towing that carry the Shelby brand.

    Allen, 51, recently was honored as the Manufacturing Employee of the Year by the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers.

  • Business Q/A: Torrey Smith

    For the past 12 years, Torrey Smith has been involved in the real-estate business, operating Torrey Smith Realty Co., in Shelbyville, the second generation of a business trail blazed by his father, W. A. Smith. Last week, Smith announced he was expanding his business to Middletown.

  • Bad weather predicted for weekend

    Officials are preparing for some inclement weather that is expected to blow in after midnight tonight.

    Shelby County Road Supervisor Carl Henry said his crews are out today, putting down a mixture of salt brine on county roads.