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  • SHELBYVILLE CITY COUNCIL - Council to move on Midland Industrial Road expansion

     The Shelbyville City Council will consider a resolution Thursday that could help ease traffic concerns around Collins High School.

    During the regularly scheduled meeting, 6:30 p.m. at 315 Washington Street in Shelbyville, the council will consider for approval the acquisition of a section of property northeast of Collins High School in order to allow for the construction of a road to connect Discovery Boulevard to Midland Industrial Drive, providing commuters an alternative route in and out of the campus area via Freedom’s Way.

  • Painting the town

     Collins High School is making its mark on the town with a trio of artists working to complete a mural for travelers from around the country to enjoy. 

    Collins High School art teacher Gary Joe Barriger, along with seniors Rachel Everage and Lindsay Creque, have been working for some time to complete a mural at the rest area off I-64 in Simpsonville. 

    Creque said how she came to be a part of the project is very fascinating.

  • Local prom prepping
  • Seminar to focus on fair housing

    Shelby will be home to a free event Wednesday that will focus on fair housing, and organizers of the event encourage the public to attend.
    “This is the 50th anniversary, so during the month of April we are commemorating the passage of the Fair Housing Act by doing extra activities across the state and reaching out to communities that we don’t interact with on a daily basis,” said Kyle Chafin, program coordinator of the Lexington Fair Housing Council, the entity that is sponsoring the event in conjunction with the Shelby County Commission on Human Rights.

  • Harp fights wildfires in Oklahoma

    Raging flames, choking smoke, uncertainty, danger and being in harm’s way to protect others is a big part of Michael Harp’s life – a part that he accepts willingly and courageously.
    A firefighter from Shelby County, he is on his second week of battling a searing rash of wildfires in Oklahoma.
    Michael Harp is among the latest wave of personnel that have been pouring into Oklahoma from Kentucky and surrounding states to help battle large and numerous fires in the state, many larger than 100 acres.

  • Shelby County hosts second meet

    The Shelby County track and field team hosted its second all-comers meet in as many weeks on Tuesday night, with the Rockets and Collins High School each turning in stout performances at the event.

    In the girls competition, SCHS captured first-place with a total of 136 points, while the Titans team earned a seventh-place finish with 34.

    Shelby once again relied on its volume of competitors in the home meet, with athletes like Jenna Board and Anna Kiser leading the way.

  • Collins splits opening tourney slate

    Collins rebounded from a tough game one with an offensive explosion on Thursday morning, defeating Hawken, Ohio in a 16-5 run-ruled game that ended after just five innings.

    As a team, the Titans (1-2) earned 17 hits in the game while finding a way to rebound after a rocky start in the first two innings.

    “We hit all our goals both offensively and defensively,” Titans coach Mike Hammond said. “Robert [Sproul] had a bunch of hits for us and finished a double short of the cycle. Overall, it was a much better game for us.”

  • Rockets rally to pick up first win

    Having gone nearly 12 full innings without deciding a winner, the Tuesday night contest between Shelby County baseball and a visiting Lake Zurich, Ill. team seemingly would not end.

    Luckily for the Rockets, first baseman Hunter Housley was up to the task at hand.

    With shortstop Caleb Collins waiting on second base in a 7-7 tie game, Housley took the first two pitches of the at-bat before roping a ball to left field and scoring his teammate, earning SCHS its first win of the season in a walk-off 8-7 victory.

  • Riner aquires interest in dealer supply company

    A Shelbyville business owner has now expanded his market in a related, but different, area in Fayette County.
    Shelby Riner, owner of Shelby County Automotive, Inc., who also owns a group of NAPPA stores, said he has purchased certain assets of Dealer Supply of Lexington, Inc. The acquisition, which took place March 1, involves selling advertising supplies as well as business forms and cleaning supplies, to new and used car dealers in various locations including Shelby, Riner said.

  • Panhandling a complex issue locally

    Is panhandling a big problem in Shelby?

    It depends on who you ask, but the answer is, though generally no, the situation does exist.

    Some officials have said the situation appears to be linked to the homeless, others not so much.

    “It’s not really a panhandling issue in Shelbyville, it’s more of your traveling individual trying to get from point A to B, like they’re thumbing their way, trying to get somewhere, that’s the kind of thing we have,” said Jon Walker, director of men’s ministries at Awake Ministries.