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  • What we think: Governor's race needs new focus

    Only a week has passed since the final slate was established for this fall’s governor’s election, and already we are concerned about how this race will play out in the next 168 days.
    Incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear and Republican David Williams appear to have taken off the gloves before they officially had them on, and independent Gatewood Galbraith is somewhere out there trying to get people to understand that he really is a candidate.

  • We congratulate: Dream-inspired 7th Street plan

    We really like this new plan for 7th Street. We like the idea that our leaders are taking steps to improve an important corridor for the value of Shelbyville and for the quality of life for Shelby Countians.
    We like the idea of the new roundabout to enter the Clear Creek Park, and we like the new, uncrumbled sidewalks on both sides of the street.
    We like the idea of painting the railroad overpass and of redeveloping some of the vacant and decaying property around it.

  • A tale of 2 aircraft carriers Part I: An odd intersection of men and famous ships from World War II

    My freshman year at the University of Washington (1933), I supported myself by washing dishes in a fraternity house, receiving meals and a bed in the basement, but no other wage.

    Following his election that year, Franklin Roosevelt established a number of “New Deal” programs in order to ease the disastrous effects of the Great Depression. One such program was the National Youth Administration, which provided work on campus part time at 50 cents an hour.

  • News briefs: May 25, 2011

    State employees face

    final furlough Friday

  • EARLIER: Income infusion: Shelby to house Anderson inmates

    LAWRENCEBURG – Franklin County’s loss will be Shelby County’s gain.

    Starting in July, Anderson County’s inmates will be jailed in Shelby County, pending approval of the Anderson County Fiscal Court and a contract with the Shelby County Detention Center.

    Anderson County Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway confirmed the switch, which comes on the heels of comments earlier this year about the treatment Anderson’s jailer and police agencies have received from Franklin County Jailer Billy Roberts.

  • Shelby man jailed for beating woman

    A Shelbyville man is behind bars charged with viciously beating a woman during a break-in.

    Darrell A. Walker, 48, of 83 Apple Tree Way in Shelbyville, is charged with first-degree burglary and second-degree assault in connection with an incident that happened early Sunday morning.

    Shelbyville Police say that about 6 o’clock Walker forced his way into an apartment on Berea Street and awakened the resident, Shanacey Dixon, and her companion, Quincey Griffon of Lexington.

  • Shelby man arrested for having drugs, birds

    State police officers, acting on a tip, raided a home in Shelbyville recently where they seized drugs, money and weapons, but some dead birds they found may wind up causing even more problems for the resident.

    Gregory Wood, 43, of 523 Creekside Drive in Shelbyville was arrested May 11 by Kentucky State Police, who charged him with trafficking in marijuana.

    And when troopers found six dead quail at his residence, they called in agents from Fish and Wildlife, who charged him with killing the birds out of season, which can have even more serious implications.

  • Collins will host Anderson in district baseball final at 6 p.m. tonight; Titans win softball title

    Due to field conditions at Spencer County tonight's 30th District baseball final between Collins and Anderson County will be played at 6 p.m. on the Titans' home field.

    If it is rained out, then the game will be played at 1 p.m. Saturday at either Spencer or Collins.

    Wednesday night the Titans beat crosstown rival Shelby County 15-3, for the second time this season, in the 30th District semifinals on their home turf. Meanwhile, Anderson beat Spencer County 5-0 in a game that was resumed from Monday.

  • SCHS baseball, softball games suspended; softball will try to play 3 Tuesday; baseball moved to Eminence

    The Shelby County baseball and softball teams had their 30th District Tournament games against Eminence suspended Monday evening.

    The Rockets' softball team led the Warriors 4-0 in the top of the third inning, while Shelby's baseball team led Eminence 2-0 in the bottom of the second.

  • Shelby escapes surge of tornadoes

    Tornadic weather calmed sufficiently on its surge across Southern Indiana, and Shelby County was spared sirens from the front that passed Wednesday night.

    As Southern and central Indiana was pounded with tornadoes and warnings, residents were preparing for the worst. But coolling temperatures and slightly slower winds left the county facing only a pounding "gust front" and the heavy rains, lightning and thunder.

    Some trees were down, but there have been no reports of power outages.

    There's a 70 percent chance of more rain today.