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  • Shelbyville Police Reports Aug. 26, 2011


    Martin Ciprian, 23, of 118 Baker St. was arrested Aug. 23 at that address and charged with first-degree arson.



    Darrell Dewayne Taylor, 43, of 831 Bass Lane was arrested Aug. 22 on Midland Trail at Swifty gas station on a Jefferson County warrant for fourth-degree assault (domestic violence).

    Justin Tate Carrier, 30, of 2977 Lawrenceburg Road in Willisburg was arrested Aug. 24 on Main Street at 8th Street on a Shelby County warrant for criminal possession of a forged instrument.

  • Shelby County families are part of a new network of home-schooling families

    Christy Coleman decided to home school her children when she was still in high school – long before she married her husband, Micah, and became a mom.

    Part of her decision likely stems from her own academic experience: She attended a public elementary school but in middle school was switched to a private school. In high school, she returned to public education.

  • Real estate deeds: Aug. 26, 2011

    July 16-31, 2011

    Amanda W. Snider, Amanda Wills Cypert and Tommy Lee Cypert to Amanda Wills Cypert and Tommy Lee Cypert, Lot 53 Fairway Crossing Section 3, $300,000

    Jennifer F. and Kenneth L. Tapp Jr. to Jonathan A. and Abby E. Thurman, Lot 19 Station Pointe Phase I, $199,000

    Scott and Jena Baldridge to Kathy W. Jones, 5.28 acres McIntosh Farm, $283,900

    Commonwealth Bank & Trust to Amanda N. Turner, Lot 25 Farming Meadows, $88,000

  • EARLIER: Shelby County winners at Kentucky State Fair, Aug. 26, 2011

    Bees And Honey
    Open Class
    Four 1lb. Containers of Light
    1. Rebecca Collier, Shelbyville
    Four 2lb. Containers of Light
    2. Rebecca Collier, Shelbyville
    Youth Division
    Three 1lb. Containers of Amber
    1. Ally Ormsby, Shelbyville
    1. Ally Ormsby, Shelbyville
    Honey Cookery
    Honey Nut Bread
    3. Jeanne Kemper, Bagdad
    Loaf White Bread made with
    3. Jeanne Kemper, Bagdad
    Whole Wheat Bread
    3. Jeanne Kemper, Bagdad
    Light Rolls, 1/2 dozen

  • Police warn of scams via Internet, phone

    The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is cautioning residents to beware Internet and phone scams circulating in this area.

    Det. Eric Hettinger said the sheriff’s office has received numerous complaints about such scams, the most recent involving mystery shoppers.

  • WICHE: Stinging caterpillars lurking in the garden

    I just got a call from a reader in Taylorsville who was seeking an ID on a pest that was stinging her in the blackberry patch. She described the offender in very human terms….It looked like it was wearing glasses, had a green jacket on, little ears, etc.

    I could see the saddleback stinging caterpillar in my mind’s eye as she continued.

  • Jury rules for doctor in penis amputation case

    Dr. John Patterson acted appropriately when he amputated Phillip Seaton’s penis during surgery in 2007, a jury in Shelby County Circuit Court has ruled.

    After more than two days of emotional and sometimes embarrassing testimony from a variety witnesses, the jury of six men and six women deliberated little more than hour and ruled unanimously just before 2 p.m.

  • An International Romance Part I: A careful mother in turbulent times

    Bettie Allen Meriwether, owner of Allen Dale Farm in Shelby County, took great pride in knowing that her farm had been in her family since its establishment in 1795 by Robert Polk Allen. Her great grandmother, Ann Allen, widow of John Allen of Frederick County, Virginia, had been buried in the family graveyard on the property in 1805.

    She valued the land, having fought a successful legal battle (1885-1889) to wrest the farm from control of her brother, George Baylor Allen, whose plans to mortgage the property would have undoubtedly been tantamount to its sale.

  • MY WORD: Collins High School is a study in mediocrity

    As one drives onto the boulevard leading to the Collins High School campus, all seems well.
    A short while later, the observant person notices large quantities of grass clippings all over the road. Weeds and grass are growing in the cracks of the asphalt and concrete, which in the present state will do irreparable harm to both if not corrected quickly.
    The lack of maintenance will allow the weeds to punch holes in the side of the asphalt and therefore create another outlandish expense for the school. The flower beds all around the school are consumed with weeds.

  • What we think: We will miss Clarence Miller

    There’s a high probability that you never met Clarence Miller, though you may well recognize the name. And, if so, his passing last week stole from you and from us an opportunity to know and embrace Mr. Miller’s significant accomplishment and his keen sense of community.
    We often measure a death by the legacy that remains, and with Clarence Miller that legacy is both large and long, his sense of his fellow man and his county both outstanding and exemplary.