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  • Driver turns vision shop into eyesore

    People walking past Visionfirst in the Middleton Station Shopping Center on Friday really got an eyeful, and many stopped to do a double take.

    Some even stopped to comment on the unusual appearance of the shop’s storefront, or lack of one.

    “It’s a mess,” said employee Ella Tuttle as she and several other employees worked hard, sweeping up a mountain of shattered glass that was strewn all the way into the shop, all the way to the eyeglass display.

  • Brooks' 4 TDs lead Collins to 39-0 victory over Shelby County

    Led by Michael Brooks' running, and a dominating defensive effort, the Collins football team defeated Shelby County 39-0 Friday night at Robert Doyle Stadium.

    The senior running back/linebacker rushed six times for 136 yards and three touchdowns - and also had a 10-yard TD reception - and added eight tackles for the Titans, who won the second meeting between the county's public schools for the second year in a row.

  • News briefs: Sept. 30, 2011

    Woman jailed for rape

    seeking shock probation

    A former Madison Central High School secretary who pled guilty to rape and sodomy is asking for shock probation just over a month after being sentenced to three years in prison, WLEX-Ch. 18 in Lexington reported.

  • Shelby County's circles have unbroken legacies

    The circle means many things.
    You can circle the wagons for safety, and you can pull someone into your circle of friendship. Wedding rings are circles because they have no beginning and no end, going on forever.
    And the International Order of The King’s Daughters and Sons embodies much of those ideals their “circles,” or small groups, that filter down to provide aid on local levels.

  • Crusade assistance

    A $64,000 grant from WHAS Crusade for Children helps Shelby County Public Schools purchase technology assistance equipment for students with special needs. For example, at Wright Elementary, James Robinson left the classroom with an instructional assistant carrying an iPad purchased with WHAS grant money. He knew exactly how to turn it on, retrieve a story, turn on the sound and flip the screen to read a book out loud for him and a kindergarten buddy.

  • Troop 137 at Red River Gorge

    Scout Troop 137 participated in the 12th Annual Crossover Ceremony on Sky Bridge in the Red River Gorge in September. The scout leaders take new scouts, Blake Rudolph and Jacob Wibbels, to cross them over into the troop. The troop also had a memorial service for 9/11. The trip since 2000 has been the second weekend of September. Members of the troop attending were (from left) Zach Dennison, Wyatt Oliver, Jacob Wibbels, Blake Rudolph, Jackson Pope, David Wooters, Bob Shober, Brent Wooters, Mike Rudolph and Scoutmaster Bill Pacey.

  • Einstein is watching

    A statue of Albert Einstein serves as a motivator in Philip Wakeman’s classroom at Simpsonville Elementary where Thinking Strategies are embraced by the fifth-grade students. MacKenzie O’Connell and Matthew Peting look deep in thought as Wakeman probes deeper into understanding the importance of comprehension while reading....as Einstein looks over their shoulders.

  • October dates


  • October dates


  • Chapter 1: A wagon load of surprises

    "Whew! I had no idea pulling the wagon home from the Martins' yard sale would be so exhausting!"

    "Do you want me to help you, Woody?"

    "No thanks, Chloe." I thought it was best if Chloe stayed in the wagon and made sure everything stayed in place. We would have been so upset if we had hit a bump and damaged our purchase. "Anyway, we're almost home. Pulling the wagon wouldn't have been so tough had the yard sale not been so far away."