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  • We are: Shield Security Systems

    The company is a franchisee of the Buffalo, N. Y. -based Shield Security Systems. The local Shield Security Systems has a franchise to work anywhere in the state of Kentucky and has installed security systems in Shelby, Jefferson, Spencer, Oldham and Bullitt counties.

    Owned by: Kyle Paschal, Lora North Paschal and Linda Paschal.

    Address: 278 Haven Hill Business Park.

  • Hospice provides help, hope

    By Nathan L. McBroom/Sentinel-News Staff Writer

    For the last six years as Bea Taylor has battled on and off with cancer, she has always been reluctant to enlist in Hospice care. She feared that if she did so, she would be giving in to death.

    But now, seven weeks after having started Hospice care, she has found that it is helping her fight to stay alive.

    "Our goal is to beat this cancer," she said. "We're not going to give in to it."

  • Lost crane is found

    Number 733, the whooping crane that got lost between Jackson County, Ind. and Shelby County last weekend, has been found.

    The bird was spotted Wednesday near Big Spring, Ky., about 50 miles southwest of Louisville, and recaptured by Operation Migration.

    Operation Migration stopped in Shelby County last weekend on its way with 17 captive-raised whooping cranes from Wisconsin to Florida.

  • Red boxes get the boot

    By Gayle Deaton/Sentinel-News Staff Writer

    Store managers not happy they're not collecting for charity

    Signs on some red boxes around town say they collect clothes and shoes.

    What critics say is not readily apparent unless you look very closely is that the boxes serve as collection points for a private, for-profit business called U'SAgain.

  • Barbados fire unit training with local crews

    By Brent Schanding/Sentinel-News Staff Writer

    There was one thing unusual about an otherwise typical Thursday morning car fire -- the five-member Bajan firefighter unit, who helped respond to the call.

    The men are part of the Barbados Fire Service, a team of about 244 firefighters scattered among six fire stations on the tiny Caribbean island nation of Barbados. They will be in the region though December training for fire certification degrees.

  • Steroid, hormone-free beef just better, says farmer

    Beef. It may be what's for dinner, but Americans are increasingly turning to more organic and natural options to satisfy their cravings, according to supermarket industry and health magazine reports.

    Nationwide sales of the specialty meat from cattle that are not fed antibiotics, hormones or animal bi-products, are up 20 percent from last year, due partly to diet trends, fears of mad cow disease and word of mouth from longtime natural and organic consumers.

  • Just passing through

    Shelby County gets some interesting people passing through, many here for the horse show in August. But over the weekend a farm in north Shelby County played host to some rare birds indeed.

    Seventeen whooping cranes, the tallest and one of the rarest birds in North America, stopped at a Shelby County farm on their way to Florida. They were not alone. An entourage of four pilots in ultralight planes, pilots in a Cessna aircraft, and a ground team of handlers and support staff swooped in with the big birds.

  • Residents don't want airport in backyard

    Who wants an airport in their backyard?

    Not residents who live off Ky. 53 near the Oldham County line.

    One of the three sites selected by the Oldham County Airport Board as a possible location for an airport includes a portion of Shelby County.

    Ladina Wingert, who has lived on her property for more than eight years, said she is absolutely against the idea as are her neighbors.

  • Teen killed in car crash

    Cory Ward told his father to leave the door open for him Friday night because he was driving to Shelbyville to spend some time with him during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

    But, Ward, 17, never arrived.

    The teen-ager, who lived with his mother in Louisville during the week, failed to show up at the home of his father, Bill Ward.

    Shelby County Sheriff's Detective Jason Rice said the teen-ager apparently fell asleep at the wheel of his 1996 Volvo and crashed into a tree just past the Simpsonville exit on 1-64 east.

  • From sheep to shawl

    For Sandra Topy, the joy of knitting is found in using wool from the goats and sheep raised on her farm to create colorful sweaters, scarves and hats.

    Topy, who has been knitting her entire life, said that when she and her husband, Jon, moved to Shelby County in 1994, she made the decision to raise animals that would produce the wool for her yarn.

    She said that from sheep to shawl the process is a joy.

    "I just have to be connected to nature," she said. "There is great joy in seeing the whole process through."