Local News

  • Plea expected from child porn suspect

    LAWRENCEBURG – A Lawrenceburg man charged last year with 70 felony counts of possessing and distributing child pornography is expected to enter a plea when he appears today in Anderson Circuit Court.

    Mark Hawks, 55, was indicted in July of 2011 after investigators with the Kentucky State Police determined he was viewing, downloading and sharing child pornography from his Secretariat Drive home.

  • Election Day opens smoothly

    Election Day dawned cold but sunny, although a bit rough around the edges for the Shelby County Clerk's office, that had a few problems getting some polling places up and running due to a shortage of election officers to work at the precincts, something that has been a problem in the past, said County Clerk Sue Carole Perry.

    "We had a hard time getting open because some precinct officers didn’t show up, you know, the usual thing," she said. "I prayed real hard last night and this morning both that everything would go well."

  • Ethington agrees to pay $1,504 in fines

    A year and a half after being charged with hundreds of criminal counts for how he managed Ethington Auto, the owner of that dealership has been fined and won’t be facing jail time.

    Donnie Ethington, 71, accepted a plea agreement Friday in Shelby District Court from special appointed prosecutor Jenny Harrod of Henry County, in which 142 of the 169 counts of failure to process paperwork properly on the sale of autos were dismissed.

    Ethington pleaded guilty to 27 counts of failing to give a title to the purchasers of cars he sold.

  • Neihof on test scores: ‘We are challenged’

    The Next-Generation Learners, the first component of the state’s new educational accountability system shows that the state, by its own measures, Needs Improvement.

    Begun for the 2011-12 school year, the evaluation combines standardized and end-of-year test results in a complex formula for evaluating each school in the state, and eventually it will include accountability measures for teachers and administration, as well.

    Results for Shelby County Public Schools show much the same as the state’s: improvement is still needed.

  • Contractor sues SCPS about settling issue

    Shelby County Public Schools has been named in a lawsuit filed by T+C Contracting, a Louisville-based construction firm, for withholding payment for work done on Collins High School.

    The suit is based on a construction problem that occurred in the summer of 2009 when the floor in the east hallway of the school settled 3 inches, after the completion of the school.

  • Caution to motorists: Deer on the rut in Shelby

    ‘Tis the season – deer season, that is.

    The rut is full-on now, and when hunting season with rifles opens Nov. 10, deer will have something other than lust motivating them to dart out into traffic – they will be fleeing from hunters as well.

    “We are moving into the rut season; another week, and we will be in the peak,” Kentucky State and Wildlife Deer Biologist David Yancy said.

  • Election 2012: Voter turnout in Shelby close to 70 percent

    Election officials in Shelby did not miss a voter turnout prediction by much, having predicted that 70 percent of voters would show up at the polls on Tuesday.

    Shelby County Clerk Sue Carole Perry reported a final tally of 18,791 people voted, for a 67 percent turnout of the county’s 28,231 registered voters.

    Perry said last week she was expecting a very high turnout from Shelby County’s 28,231 registered voters, based on the large numbers of absentee ballots her office had received, reaching nearly 700, compared to last election’s 166.

  • News briefs: Nov. 2, 2012

    Hornback appointed to

    workforce advisory board

    Outgoing state Senate President David L. Williams recently appointed  Sen. Paul Hornback (R-Shelbyville) to the Kentucky Workforce Investment Board, a 42-member group that serves as an advisory board to the governor on workforce training and development issues.

  • Election 2012: Simpsonville City Commission: Vicky Wise

    Vicky Wise, the longest tenured member of the Simpsonville City Commission, quietly is pursuing a ninth term in the General Election.

    Wise first was elected in 1996, and only Mayor Steve Eden has served longer (18 years as mayor).

    Wise has not returned campaign information forms sent to her via E-mail nor responded to telephone messages, so she has provided no information about her plans in pursuing this term.

  • Ethington’s attorney: There is deal in works

    Donnie Ethington, facing hundreds of criminal counts for how he managed Ethington Auto, could see his case resolved today.

    Ethington, 71, of Shelbyville, is due in Shelby County District for a pretrial hearing, but the case may never see trial.

     “There is an offer on the table,” said William Stewart, Ethington’s attorney.