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  • EARLIER: Paragon officials ready to get started

    Paragon Outlet Partners and Trio Property officials said they were elated and relieved on Tuesday after the Triple S Planning Commission voted to recommend the zone change and preliminary planned unit development to the Simpsonville City Commission.

    After the vote, the group stepped out in the hallway at the Stratton Center, and Trio Managing Partner Stuart Flowers let out a big “whew,” but the group seemed fairly confident going in.

  • Black Friday growing gray

    Could this be the end of Black Friday as we know it?

    Today marks the official start to the holiday shopping season and the busiest sales weekend of the year, but many retailers and Web sites started their big sales a week before the annual kickoff – Amazon and eBay both started Cyber Monday deals last week, when they typically begin on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

    And some – Walmart, Target, Sears and Toys R Us, to name a few – even have continued the bold leap of starting on the day before –  Thanksgiving Day.

  • Christmas at Claudia’s moves to Shelby Industries

    The annual Christmas at Claudia’s event, which for a decade has delighted children and families, will move this year from its roots at Claudia Sanders Dinner House to a “new” location at Shelby Industries.

  • EARLIER: Cold won’t stop construction work

    Holiday travelers along Interstate 64 in Shelby County may think that work is proceeding a little slower than usual, but that could be misleading, Transportation Cabinet officials said.

    “They [work crews] are restricted on holidays and are not allowed to have lane closures on Thanksgiving or Christmas,” said Andrea Clifford, public information officer for the Transportation Cabinet. “They can work on those days, they just can’t affect traffic by having the lane closures.”

  • News briefs: Nov. 23, 2012

    Task force recommends funding fully pensions for state employees

  • EARLIER: Simpsonville to pursue block grants to help with outlet malls

    The city of Simpsonville will pursue a state-supported community block grant to underwrite expansion of water and sewer systems required to accommodate the outlet malls planned to be built south of Interstate 64.

    The city and West Shelby Water, which serves the area, recently submitted Requests for Qualifications for an engineer to coordinate the grant project, and at Wednesday’s meeting, commissioners approved the selection of Derrick Engineering, a firm used in previous city projects.

  • Giving seems to be thanks-less

    As the retail trade tries to inch Christmas closer and closer to October, Thanksgiving seems to be getting lost in the shuffle.

    Sure, there are still Turkey Trots and turkey sales, but Black Friday even has found its way to Thursday – with stores opening Thursday night.

  • Shelby County School Board: SCPS gets clean audit

    Shelby County Public Schools received another nearly perfect audit, earning the best opinion possible from the independent auditors at Mather & Company, CPA.

    “There were no significant deficiencies in the accounting practices,” Brandon Hardy told the board. “There are three different opinions we can offer, and Shelby County earned an unqualified opinion. That may not sound like the best, but it is. It is a clean audit.”

  • Shelby County Fiscal Court: Fishing area to open on Benson Road

    The county has made it easier for people to fish near the bridge on Benson Road at Guist Creek Lake.

    Shelby County Fiscal Court agreed Tuesday to execute a memorandum of agreement with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife to designate a public fishing area on Benson Road, about a mile east of Rocket Lane.

  • The last days of Trey Williams: A year has passed, the questions grow

    He was a man-child many embraced. He was an enigma who wouldn’t let anyone close enough to know what was inside him. He was a soul in search of something. He was overwhelmed by a problem no one could seem to identify.

    This was a man-child who became angry at a coworker and was fired from his job, a large, forceful man who would not control his emotions until police took him away from his workplace and put him in a cell.

    This was the former athlete struggling with changes in his body and life, looking to the Bible for new guidance.