Local News

  • News Digest: April 5, 2013

    Clerk’s office signed up 1,300 for donations last year

    The Shelby County Circuit Clerk’s office has registered more than 1,300 organ donors in the next year and is pushing to expand that during Donate Life Month in April.

  • New Simpsonville budget gets final OK

    The Simpsonville city budget for 2013-14 is a fait accompli.

    In a short, spring-break-affected meeting Tuesday night, city commissioners gave their unanimous approval to the second reading of an ordinance that establishes that budget.

    City Administrator David Eaton was absent from the meeting, but Finance Commissioner Cary Vowels read into the record the terms of the budget, which did not change from the first reading.

    That budget, which goes into effect on July 1, calls for:

  • News Digest: April 3, 2013

    Mobile system reduces

    backlog of warrants

    A backlog of warrants for arrests has dropped dramatically during the past three years thanks to an electronic warrant program started in 2009, state officials say.

  • NCAA Final 4: Big games, big opportunities

    One might assume that the president of a university’s alumni association would earn some perks along with the job. Maybe free tickets, access to coaches and staff or maybe even the occasional courtside seat.

    But Reggie Van Stockum, a Shelby County resident, said that couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • Shelby County School Board: Lofty new standards discussed

    The Shelby County School Board spent the bulk of the Thursday’s regular meeting in a work session discussing its goals for the 2013-14 school year and saw them presented in a new way.

    The staff put this year’s goals in the form of “if/then” statements, in an effort to present more clearly what needs to occur for the goals to be met.

  • EARLIER: Ethington faces new charge

    Four months after pleading guilty to failing to give titles to people who bought cars from him, dealer Donnie Ethington has been cited again for the same offense, police said.

    On Thursday Kentucky State Police cited Ethington for failing to give a motor vehicle title to a customer.

  • Police to businesses: Watch for counterfeits

    Is there a counterfeit money ring in Shelbyville?

    Police say no but add that bills are circulating in the area, which is not an uncommon problem in most communities the size of Shelby County.

    Shelbyville Police Det. Jessie Paulley said that he has seen counterfeit money in Shelby during the past year.

    “We have had three counterfeit bills in the last six to eight months,” he said.

    That’s not counting six counterfeit $100 bills found recently in the coat of a man arrested for robbery and assault, Paulley said.

  • Hours to be reduced at Bagdad Post Office

    A crowd of about 50 people came away from a meeting Thursday with postal officials in Bagdad as satisfied as they could be under the circumstances.

    Their post office will not be closed, but it will be operating in a shorter business day.

    Effective in May, the post office will go from an 8-hour business day to 6 hours, a measure that already has been put into place at Pleasureville and Finchville, where hours were cut from 8 to 4. All post offices will continue to be open six days a week.

  • Shelby 911 dispatcher talks man into dropping weapon, surrendering

    A tense police standoff in Finchville early Saturday morning ended peacefully, thanks to the heroic efforts of a Shelby County 911 dispatcher.

    Supervisor Tony Kent, who was on duty that night with dispatcher Bobbi Richardson, said the last thing he expected was to be on the phone, talking an unstable person surrounded by armed police officers into laying down his shotgun and giving himself up.

    “I expected any minute to hear shots over the phone,” Kent said.

  • Some homeowners to see slight decrease in insurance premiums

    Nearly a quarter of Shelby County homeowners can expect a slight decrease in their insurance premiums as a result of a new insurance rating for the county’s largest fire district.

    On March 1, the Shelby County Suburban Fire District went from a Class 9 rating to an 8B rating. The Insurance Service Organization (ISO) rating scale extends from Class 1 through class 10, with Class 1 being the highest rating a fire department can receive.