Local News

  • Shelby County Fiscal Court: County takes 10 new roads into system

    Shelby County Fiscal Court on Tuesday approved 10 more subdivision roads to be part of the county’s system.

    That’s significant not only for the residents who live there – they now will have services such as snow and ice removal – but the county also will receive more state funding for its Rural Secondary Road Program.

  • ELECTION 2014: Slow start in Shelby in filings for many big races

    The 2014 election slate includes nearly every office locally and statewide, but that lineup is going to take a while to shape up.

    Wednesday was the first day that candidates could file papers to declare their candidacy to run for office, and Shelby County Clerk Sue Carole Perry said it was pretty quiet in her office.

    “We’ve only had four so far,” she said late Wednesday afternoon, not long before the office closed at 4:30 p.m.

  • News Digest, Nov. 8, 2013

    Lawmakers debate when

    new districts in effect

    Leading Kentucky lawmakers disagreed on when redrawn legislative districts take effect, as the Legislative Research Commission prepares for the upcoming session.

    Senate Republican leaders contend the maps enacted in August, which have passed legal muster in federal court, immediately change the areas lawmakers represent, but House Democratic leaders say the district boundaries change after an election.

  • EARLIER: Newspaper answers Cabinet’s appeal in records case

    The Sentinel-News filed this week an answer to a complaint and appeal filed by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services in October to avoid having to release records relative to dead teenager Jackleen Lane.

  • Simpsonville's new sidewalks won't be ready for holiday ceremony

    SIMPSONVILLE – Those long-awaited and much-anticipated spiffy downtown sidewalks won’t get to bask in the holiday lights at Light Up Simpsonville after all.

    Simpsonville City Administrator David Eaton told the city commission at its meeting Tuesday night that although the sidewalks should be completed in a couple of weeks, they won’t be ready by the holiday-opening event on Nov. 16.

    “We’re very, very close,” Eaton said. “The mayor said not to say two weeks, so I’ll say fourteen days.”

  • Shelbyville City Council: Zoning amendments tops short agenda

    The Shelbyville City Council will take a second look Thursday at proposed text amendments to the zoning regulations.

    The council meets at 6:30 p.m. in city hall, 315 Washington St. in Shelbyville.

    The amendments, which in September were passed and recommended for approval by the Triple S Planning Commission, include mostly changes to clean up language in Articles 2 and 14 – terms and definitions and zoning map and test amendments, respectively – and to make the lighting standards more stringent to reflect the improvements in fixtures.

  • Pleasureville's Fairness Ordinance dies for lack of seconded motion

    PLEASUREVILLE – A proposed Fairness Ordinance in Pleasureville is dead in the water.

    After Shawn Mertz made a motion Monday night to approve the second reading of the ordinance, his fellow commissioners stared at the table. They stared at their hands. They said nothing.

    And Mertz’s motion, and thus the proposed Fairness Ordinance, died for lack of a second, meaning that Shelby County will continue to have no government entity with such an ordinance.

  • News Digest, Nov. 6, 2013

    Another pipeline planned for natural gas liquids

    While the companies working on the Bluegrass Pipeline project have started acquiring property in Kentucky in hopes of building a new pipeline, a second project — which already has easements and pipelines in place — is also in the works.

  • Bruner gets 25 years in Escareno beating

    The silence in a Shelby County court room Wednesday was broken only by the sound of a woman sobbing softly, as a handful of tearful family members huddled together, and a silent, subdued Mark Bruner waited to hear if he would be calling prison home for a mere decade or more than twice that long.

    Taking a deep breath, Circuit Judge Charles Hickman leaned forward and uttered the words that Bruner and his family surely had been dreading to hear.

  • Election 2014: Many incumbents sitting on go

    Shelby County election officials say they expect today’s first formal day to file to run in 2014 to go pretty much as it has in the past, with many people already in office expected to file for re-election.

     “Only one person beside incumbents has picked up paperwork so far, but I expect many of our incumbents will be ready today,” Shelby County Clerk Sue Carole Perry said.