Local News

  • Intoxicated driver causes multiple accidents evading police

    No major injuries were reported Saturday afternoon in Shelby County when a driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol led Shelby County deputies on a high-speed pursuit following a minor traffic incident.

    Deputy Todd McClease with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office said they received a call around noon from a woman who claimed another driver, later identified as 29-year-old Pedro Tumax of Shelbyville, had just struck her vehicle.

  • SHELBYVILLE CITY COUNCIL - Tourism interlocal agreement up for adoption

    Last month the county's three governing bodies of Shelby County, Simpsonville and Shelbyville came together to sign an interlocal agreement to reestablish a joint tourism and convention commission. The agreement also relates to the way the county's tourism board collects and distributes transient room tax from hotel stays.

    The new agreement designates 45 percent of the tax to the county, 15 percent to Shelbyville, 15 percent to Simpsonville, 20 percent to the parks department and 5 percent Simpsonville’s parks department.

  • KSP investigates suicide at B&N

    A suicide closed the B&N Food Mart in Bagdad Monday evening.

    According to the Kentucky State Police, an unidentified man died by suicide inside the market. 

    Trooper Bernie Napier, the Public Affairs Officer for Post 12, said the unidentified man apparently died in front of his wife, from whom he had been separated.

  • Fighting childhood hunger

    Though only 16 years old, Shelby County's Heaven Redmon is determined to end childhood hunger, and in just six months she's already made a significant dent in her cause.

    "I've already collected over 24,000 items," she said.

    Along with her mother, Tiffany, Redmon has hosted several collection drives and pageants to garner a multitude of non-perishable donations hoping to quiet tiny rumbling tummies across Shelby County.

  • Waddy distillery still a possibility

    Though little discussion has stirred recently regarding the project, plans for a distillery in Waddy are still moving forward.

    "We are still working very hard to raise the capital so we can begin," said Judy Hollis with Hollis Jones & Associates, and one of the organizers of Grain, Limestone & Oak LLC.

    Hollis said they are making progress.  "We are still planning to move forward."

  • Shelby County not affected by worst of Hep A outbreak

     According to Kentucky Health News, Kentucky’s Hepatitis A outbreak has become the largest and deadliest in the nation, but Shelby County has been largely spared.

    Kentucky Health News reported that the outbreak has killed as many as 40 people and infected more than 4,000 due in part to slow responses from health departments across the region, but according to North Central Health District Public Health Director Roanya Rice, Shelby County has not been impacted by the worst of the outbreak.

  • Walking with a world of purpose

    Several times a year Erik Bendl puts on his Red Wing boots to take a walk, which can last a few hours, a day, a week or a month or more.

    What’s even more outrageous is he strolls tethered to a 6-foot canvas inflatable world globe that becomes quite a showstopper along the way. It certainly did as he strolled through Shelby County on Tuesday.

    Bendl and his globe have meandered through 48 states, and he’s annihilated many, many pairs of Red Wings since he started his long-distance walks in 2007.

  • Republicans to host Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday

     The Shelby County Republican Party is gearing up for one of its signature events: the local Lincoln Day Dinner. 

    “It’s a quasi-fundraiser, I guess, for the local party,” Republican Party Chair Tony Harover said. “It’s an annual celebration of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party.”

    Most counties, Harover said, have a similar event for their own local parties, but Saturday Shelby County will play host to a number of well-known figures from local, state and national government during the dinner.

  • SCHS student invited to GMU event

    A Shelby County High School sophomore has been invited to attend the prestigious and invitation-only George Mason University’s Washington Journalism and Media Conference this summer. But she nearly tossed exclusive invitation away thinking it was a gimmick.

    When Gabrielle Tornow took the PSAT last fall, she was asked if she would like for colleges to send her information, and she accepted. Weeks later among the literature that flooded her mailbox was a special invitation she originally mistook as just another pamphlet and she nearly trashed it.

  • Bourbon, butter and bacon bake-off tomorrow

     If you still haven't decided whether or not to enter Shelby Main Street's upcoming baking competition, time is running out.

    Shelby Main Street Director Eilene Collins said today is the last day to get your name on the list if you plan to submit a dish for Thursday’s bake-off that will be hosted at the soon to open Barrel Room at 622 Main Street.

    The free competition will start at 5 p.m. Entries must be desserts and must contain two of three required ingredients: bourbon, butter and bacon.