Local News

  • Arrest surprises some

    In response to some racially charged messages, a New Jersey woman filed a police report against Dylan Jarrell of Anderson County and ultimately stopped what could have been tragedies in Anderson and Shelby counties.

    Last Wednesday, Koeberle Bull posted on Facebook a screen shot of a message she received from Jarrell after he disagreed with a comment she made on a post.

  • Quarles talks agriculture's future

    Rotary Club of Shelbyville welcomed Kentucky’s Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles to their weekly meeting Tuesday.

    Quarles spoke with club members on a multitude of topics regarding Kentucky’s agriculture including the growth of farming, hemp production and food insecurity.

  • UPDATE: KSP has confirmed an arrest in threat to Shelby County High School - Collins game still on

    Kentucky State Police confirmed the arrest of Dylan Jarrell, 20, of Anderson County in connection with "credible" threats made to Shelby and Anderson county high schools Thursday.

    The schools have since confirmed that all activities for this evening and weekend will resume as scheduled, including the football game between Collins and Shelby County tonight. 

  • Skater boys and girls

    One of the first things Zack Hypes taught his student to do was fall.

    “Falling’s part of it,” Hypes said. “They’re going to take a slam out here, learn how to get back up and keep going.”

    Hypes, an art teacher at East Middle, has created a skate camp for students from Shelby County schools that is equal parts sports camp, community building exercise, arts program and community service project. Students at the camp learn confidence and community.

  • SIMPSONVILLE CITY COMMISSION: Farmer’s market has successful 1st year

    Simpsonville Parks Director Chris Truelock gave a report to the city commission about the Simpsonville Farmer’s Market’s first year of operations.

    “We’ve had a long five and a half months, but we’ve had a very successful five and a half months,” Truelock said. “This is one of those programs where you kind of create it and you’re like, ‘Oh, I sure hope this is successful,’ and it went real well.”

    Truelock congratulated the participating farmers in particular.

  • Shelby County Fiscal Court: Business tax approved on 1st reading

     Shelby County Fiscal Court introduced on first reading ordinance that would establish a general certificate fee for the county.

    “This ordinance comes from the economic development committee,” Magistrate Mike Miller said. “We’ve looked at this issue for probably almost two years now, and we’ve gotten down to an ordinance.”

  • 1918: Two residents die in wreck as horse hits car

     10 years ago…

    In 2008, Shelby County received a $154,000 grant to clean up the damage sustained in a brutal windstorm. It was among 33 counties in Kentucky to receive federal help after the windstorm, caused by remnants of Hurricane Ike, battered the state with winds that travelled up to 70 miles an hour. The grant exceeded local estimates of the total damage from the storm, which officials estimated to be about $150,000.

  • Hitting the right chord

    When Brendan Chase looks for some peace, quiet and musical inspiration he heads to a place most of us try to avoid – the cemetery.

    There, the 28-year-old Shelbyville native composes songs, plays his guitar and finds sanctuary to sooth his painful past.

    Chase is particularity fond of Long Run Cemetery in Jefferson County where he often places a penny on the grave of Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather.

  • SHELBYVILLE CITY COUNCIL: Ordinances to get language in line with state

    On Thursday, the Shelbyville City Council will consider three ordinances that fix some outdated wording that remains on the books.

    The first is in relation to amending the Policy & Procedure Manual regarding the Compensation Plan and Benefits for Employees to change the workweek to run from Monday to Saturday. Currently, the workweek runs from Tuesday to Sunday.

    “We are simply cleaning up language in the Policy and Procedure Manual but nothing significant,” said Candice Selph, Human Resource Director

  • SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD: 2019-20 calander is approved

    On Thursday the Shelby County Board of Education approved the calendar for the next school year.

    Two calendars were presented to the board for consideration that took into account the need for a later start date in order to allow additional time for the opening of the new Marnel C Moorman School.

    The council voted in favor of Calendar A, which also garnered 67 percent of the public vote, and it includes a one-week spring break, a one-week fall break and a week-and-a-half winter break. The first day of school for students will be Aug. 21 and the last day May 29.