• More answers about Collins

    Collins High School remains on schedule, with nearly 80 percent of the construction complete.

    And with that in mind, the district provided some answers to several parents, students and community members on Tuesday with its second Collins Family Night.

    At the Shelby County High School auditorium, Collins Principal Anthony Hatchell took the time to share some information about the school and some of its new hires.

  • School board frees up money

    The Shelby County Board of Education was able to free up some money for other projects at Thursday's meeting.

    After updating the finance application for Collins High School at its meeting July 8 and adding $2.3 million back into the building fund, the board was able to move the funding of the Collins Athletic Complex from the general fund to the building fund. That also includes the recent building change orders to remove unsuitable soils from the parking lots of the school and baseball/softball fields.

  • EARLIER: New school boundaries drawn

    We now have a clearer picture of which students will attend Martha Layne Collins when it opens next summer.

    School officials have outlined the attendance boundaries for the separation of students between Collins and Shelby County High School. and they may look somewhat familiar.

    If you live in the West Middle School District, you would go to Collins. In you live in the East Middle School District, you would go to SCHS.

  • EARLIER: School rezoning: Another change

    Following discussions during an open forum Thursday, at least some parents have a better understanding of the reasons and impact behind the school attendance area redistricting for 2010-11.

    And it appears school administrators benefited from the forum as well.

  • Four get WOW awards

        Each month, the Shelby County School system honors selected employees for exceptional performances. At Thursday night’s

  • School budget forecast is red numbers

    Shelby County Public Schools' working budget was approved at Thursday's meeting.


    And though the district's expenses are projected to exceed its revenue by about $1.1 million, or almost 3 percent, the forecast isn't nearly as bad as it looks.


  • Throng crowds Career Day at fairgrounds

    A sea of white could be seen Wednesday and Thursday at the fairgrounds as thousands wearing construction helmets scurried about doing everything from building a stone wall to working on electrical displays.

  • EARLIER: Shelby's AP scores rise dramatically

    Former and current SCHS and Collins students have been recognized for excellence in Advanced Placement exam scores.

    As one of the first schools in the AdvanceKentucky program, Shelby County High School has seen a dramatic increase in the College Board's AP program.

    And this year's increase was even better.

  • Tech center gets college coach

    The Shelby County Area Technology Center soon will start helping students with much more than technical skills.

    Area Supervisor Mary Stratton applied for and received a grant f that will put a College Coach in the school by the start of November. The coach will help students from the ATC, SCHS and Collins.

  • Shelby tech center gets high marks from state

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