Cops & Courts

  • Mount Eden gets new fire truck

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  • Partners in crime fighting

     This year, for the first time, the award for the top police officer in the Shelbyville Police Department was presented not to just one person, but to two.

  • Assault charges to be filed against student

    A fight at Shelby County High School on Monday left one sophomore on his way to the hospital and a senior in trouble with the sheriff's office.

    "The student is an 18-years-old, and we are currently pursuing assault charges as an adult," Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong said. "We will pursue a warrant as soon as the county attorney is ready."

  • SPD sergeant graduates from supervisor training


    Shelbyville Police Department Sgt. Bruce W. Gentry was among law enforcement officers from 16 agencies across the commonwealth to be recognized recently at a graduation ceremony at Eastern Kentucky University.

    The officers completed the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy of Police Supervision in August.

  • Simpsonville woman killed in crash

    A Simpsonville woman was killed in a single-vehicle car crash Saturday morning after running off the road and hitting a tree, police say. Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Meadows said that Elizeth Delaluz, 21, of Simpsonville, who was alone in her car, was traveling westbound on Shelbyville Road when she ran off the road on the 4900 block, just east of Fields Lane.  “She ran off the right side of the road, then over-corrected [crossing to the other si

  • Shelby resident heads parole board

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    A Shelby County man has been appointed to head up the Kentucky Parole Board.

  • Pharmacy employee jailed for stealing drugs

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  • House damaged by fire caused by lightning strike

    Two people were injured when a  home in the eastern portion of the county caught fire after being struck by lightning Saturday night, fire officials reported.

    A Shelby County firefighter, Robert Purvis, was transported to Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, where he was treated and released for a minor knee injury. He is fine and is already back on duty, Fire Chief Bobby Cowherd said.

    Homeowner Barbara Rogers was also taken to the hospital with chest pains, but she also has been released.

  • Gas leak closes street in Simpsonville

    A contractor drilling for soil test samples accidentally ruptured a gas line in downtown Simpsonville on Monday afternoon, forcing Third Street to be shut down for several hours while it was repaired.

    The incident occurred at 310 Third Street, near the railroad track about a half-mile north of U.S. 60, at about 5:45 p.m.

    The contractor notified the Simpsonville Fire Department immediately, Captain Bobby Cravens said.

  • Alton Road residents evacuated with gas leak

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