• WHAT WE THINK: Who cares about Jackleen Lane?

    Tuesday was the one-year anniversary of one of the more perplexing events to happen in this county in a long time.

    Although not without her problems, a seemingly happy and healthy Jackleen Lane was found drowned in a fairly remote and industrial area of Clear Creek 366 days ago.

    The Shelbyville Police Department has closed the case, but somehow to us it feels as if we’re still waiting to find out what happened to Ms. Lane.

  • Census 2010: Magistrates OK redistricting plan

    When some Shelby County magistrates expressed dissatisfaction last week with how their new district boundaries might look after the ongoing redistricting process was complete, Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger said they were going to “roll up their shirt sleeves” and work out those problems.
    And that’s just what they did Tuesday night at the Stratton Center in a workshop that delivered a new district map that met everyone’s satisfaction.

    “I’m really happy with it,” District 3 Magistrate Allen Ruble said.

  • EARLIER: Workshop set for magisterial reapportionment

    Residents will get a chance next week to see if they might be getting a different magistrate or voting at a different place in 2012.

    Shelby County Fiscal Court is having a workshop at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Stratton Center to review a new magisterial district proposal.

    A change in the magisterial districts is required because of population shifts revealed in 2010 Census figures released earlier this spring.

  • Census 2010: Our age, gender, homes in Shelby County

    Women may have been labeling men as childish for years, but they now have data to back it up.

    The newest round of census data, released on Thursday, shows Kentucky's average female is 39.3 years old, which is about two-and-a-half years more mature than her male counterparts (36.7).

    And that difference is only more distinct in Shelby County, where the average age for a woman is 38.9 to 37.5 for a man - although here the men aren’t quite as juvenile as they are in most counties.

  • Census 2010: Redistricting is coming up

    The U.S. Census Bureau released the national redistricting data Thursday morning, and voting districts around the county should brace for a change.

    States are mandated to redistrict after a census, and work will start soon, although you won't see it at the polls until 2012.

    Shelby County, with a population of 42,074, currently resides in two of the state's largest legislative districts.

  • Shelby’s population continues to go boom

    As the 2010 U.S. Census numbers slowly start to trickle in, the first round of population statistics surprised no one in Shelby County: We’re growing, and we’re growing fast.

    What the numbers did prove is that Simpsonville, Shelbyville and Shelby County are growing with purpose, and each entity has been able to take that growth in stride.

    Simpsonville and Shelbyville both ranked as two of the fastest growing cities in the state.