• Business spotlight: Sugar and Spice

    Who we are: Our Sugar and Spice, Inc.

    Owners: Shelby County natives Cumorah Barrickman and Robyn Drane.

  • Foreclosures on the rise in Shelby

    Due to changes in the mortgage market and local home buyers purchasing more house than they could afford, this year foreclosures in Shelby County are expected to rise by up to 50 percent from last year.

    Todd Davis, master commissioner of the Shelby County Circuit Court, said that his office processed 120 foreclosures last year and that he expects to receive 160 to 180 referrals this year.

    "I anticipate, from what we have seen so far this year, that we are going to see a suppositional growth in the amount of foreclosures," he said.

  • SortRite selects Shelby

    Years ago, the automotive industry was concentrated in Detroit. These days, the industry is a vast network of assemblers, parts manufacturers and distributors - all trying to move parts to plants "just in time."

    Craig McWilliams, owner of Chicago-based SortRite, is making it his business to get the right parts to the right places and weed out the defects. This week, SortRite opened a sorting warehouse in Shelbyville. McWilliams said the proximity of the area to dozens of automotive manufacturers and parts makers attracted the company to Shelbyville.