• Business Q/A: Kenneth Farrell

     Kenneth Ferrell, the owner of Ferrell’s Air Conditioning & Heating in Clay Village, celebrated 30 years in business last week. He was honored with gifts and a steak luncheon for nearly 40 people in attendance. The Sentinel-News asked Ferrell about his many years as a small-business owner and his long tenure connections to Shelby County.

  • Business Q/A: Katie Fussenegger

    SENTINEL-NEWS:You have been in your new leadership position with for Shelby County tourism for nearly 18 months, what is the biggest lesson you have learned?

  • Working up a sweat

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  • New business: Pontrich Carpet Cleaning

    Address: 522 Henry Clay Street

    Who we are: "We are a family-owned and operated business and our strength is our service, knowledge and competitive pricing. A lot of our customers say we've made the whole decision-making process a lot easier and they become repeat customers," owner Tommy Pontrich said.

    What we do: The store has expanded into the carpet cleaning business "as an added service to our customers. We've seen several problems with other companies and decided to offer the service ourselves," Pontrich said.

  • Business Q/A: Wayne Allen

    Wayne Allen has for nearly two years been the vice-president of Shelby Industries LLC., which manufactures a wide array of products, most notably components for towing that carry the Shelby brand.

    Allen, 51, recently was honored as the Manufacturing Employee of the Year by the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers.

  • Business Q/A: Torrey Smith

    For the past 12 years, Torrey Smith has been involved in the real-estate business, operating Torrey Smith Realty Co., in Shelbyville, the second generation of a business trail blazed by his father, W. A. Smith. Last week, Smith announced he was expanding his business to Middletown.

  • Men’s Health Fair lures new doctor to Shelby

    The recent Men’s Health Fair at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville not only served more than 150 men with the physical checkups they need and sometimes avoid, but this year’s event also provided the community with a new physician.

    Dr. Wayne B. Tuckson, a colo-rectal specialist from Louisville, is opening an office in Shelbyville this Thursday, and it’s all because he chose to visit the free clinic on June 12.

  • New Business: Through the Looking Glass

    Address: 629 Washington Street (Shelbyville)


  • New business: L A Lawn & Ag Sales & Service, LLC

    Address: 1073 Brooks Industrial Road, Shelbyville

  • For retailers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year

    Make a list, check it more than twice: Retailers spend a lot of time figuring out what to sell during the holiday shopping season.

    A typical United States family will spend $689 on gifts during the next month, according to the National Retail Federation, and merchants spend months planning ways to get a slice of that financial pie.