• Union up for vote at local foundry

    After nearly two years of negotiations, the Ohio Valley Aluminum Company and the United Steel Workers have reached a tentative agreement that is set to be voted on by the workers at the local foundry. However, before the contract is put to a vote, the workers will first have to decide if they want to keep or break their relationship with the union.

  • A vision for downtown living, commerce

    Bobby Andriot is passionate about downtown Shelbyville.

    Having been born on Clay Street and spending most of his youth in his father's clothing stores on Main Street, Andriot said he has a vested sentimental interest in the viability of downtown.

    Andriot, who became a commercial real estate associate with Alton Webb and Associates a couple of months ago, said one of his goals in life is to see downtown Shelbyville revitalized. And the way to get there, he said, is to do everything he can to promote downtown living and commerce.

  • New Business: Shelby Family Medicine

    Who I am: Dr. Richa Gupta, M.D.

    Where we are: Shelby Family Medicine, 133 Buck Creek Road, Simpsonville

    What we do: The location is the only medical office in Simpsonville. Gupta offers preventative family health care, with a focus on women's health. Gupta became a board certified OB/GYN in India, and then came to Kentucky where she went to school at the University of Louisville. She finished her residency in 2006 and spent a year practicing medicine in Oldham County.

  • Dying on diesel

    Until five months ago, Miguel Medina made a decent living as an independent truck driver. The job gave him the freedom to set his own schedule and be his own boss.

    The downside, Medina said, was having to pay for fuel out of his own pocket. Late last year, as rising diesel prices devastated his profit margins, Medina said he had to quit his contracting business and seek employment with a trucking company.

  • New Business - Discount Window Tint

    Business name: Discount Window Tint

    Owner: Bryan Neuendorf

    Phone: (502) 310-1117 or (502) 437-0850

    Address: 702 3rd St., Shelbyville

    Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Normally only open for appointments Saturday, but from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during summer Saturdays.

    The family business has been running for 7 years, but Neuendorf has been doing tinting for 30 years.

    "We have the best prices in the country," he said. "And we give personal attention that other companies don't."

  • New Business - Betsye's Blooms

    We are: Betsye's Blooms

    Owned by: Audrey Petty, Nancy Rankin and other partners.

    Location: 6804 Shelbyville Road

    Services: Fresh flowers, decor items, plants, funeral arrangements, special occasions such as weddings, event design and management.

    We say: "Ownership remains local, continuing the relationship Betsye (Spaulding) had with the community for 30 years," Rankin said.

    Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. until noon on Saturday.

  • New Business: Cox Asphalt Sealing and Striping

    Who we are: Cox Asphalt Sealing and Striping

    Owned by: Vernon Cox

    What we do: Cox provides asphalt sealing, stripping and small patchwork for driveways and parking lots. He has several years of experience in the profession.

    We say: "I try to be affordable and I'm honest with my customers about how much stuff is going to cost," he said. "I make sure it's done right."

    Cost: Estimates are free and are valid for 30 days after the estimate is given.

    Phone: 321-5294

  • Programs equip Hispanics for job market

    Twice a week a group of Hispanic women gather at Centro Latino in Shelbyville for a two-hour English lesson that is designed to help them communicate on the job and with folks in the community.

    Jerry Pope, the teacher of the class, switches from teaching in Spanish to English seamlessly in order to make hearing and responding to conversational English natural for his students. But Pope isn't just teaching the ladies a foreign language, he's teaching them a vital job skill.

  • New Business: Gold Skate Shop

    Gold Skate Shop is located at 605 1/2 Bayne Avenue, located in Village Plaza behind Tumbleweed Restaurant in Shelbyville.

    The shop is owned by David and Cheri Gold who opened the shop a couple of months ago. Their inventory includes skate boards and equipment, as well as helmets, protective gear, clothing, shoes and accessories.

    Business hours are Tuesday through Friday from 3 to 8 p.m.; Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. These hours will be extended after school is out for the summer.

    To contact the shop, call (502)437-0197.

  • Payday loan regulation dies in General Assembly

    With tax refund checks soon to be heading towards Shelby County, a number of local businesses are more than willing to cash those returns now - for a price.

    In the last two years, "payday loan" operations have become more and more common in the community and across the state. And while the promise of "money now" may seem tempting, the Federal Trade Commission has recently issued a warning saying that payday loans are risky endeavors that could lead to a dangerous cycle of taking out loans to pay loans and slowly falling into debt.