• Financial focus: Concerned about market volality? Study your history

    Financial focus: Concerned about market volality? Study your history

    Gordon Griffin/Edward Jones Investments

    It happens every time the stock market drops: investors question their strategy, their luck and their timing -- all in an attempt to determine what went wrong and what they should have done differently. But if you, as an individual investor, really want to know how to respond to today's market decline, you need to look back at yesteryear.

  • Leadership Kentucky visits Shelby, talks economic growth

    Business leaders from across Kentucky received an overview of what the state is doing to stimulate economic growth at a conference in Shelbyville Thursday morning.

    John Hindman, Kentucky secretary of economic development, told the 50-plus people in attendance that the key to bringing more businesses into Kentucky is improving the state's education system.

    "If I had a tax dollar to spend on economic development, I would put it towards education," he said.

  • Southern States joins company network

    Members of the local Southern States Cooperative have voted to be acquired by and become part of the larger regional Southern States Cooperative. The co-op had been owned and operated locally.

    The change took effect July 1.

    "It's a chance to deal better with the competition," said Southern States board chair Ray Tucker. "It's an opportunity for Shelbyville to become a better store."

  • RFC donates equipment to JCTC

    With a donation from Roll Forming Corporation, Shelby County's Jefferson Community and Technical College has boosted its arsenal of equipment in its machine tool technology program.

    A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at JCTC Thursday to celebrate the school's new Engel roll forming machine, valued at $12,500.

  • Want to show? Have some $ to spend

    Even though the love of the sport may be priceless, training and showing saddlebreds does come with a hefty price tag. The compiled list below provides approximate prices for the necessary tack a saddlebred enthusiast might spend.


    Depending on your needs, used saddleseat saddles can range in price from $300 to $1,000. New saddles range anywhere from $1,200 to $2500.

    Saddle Pads

    Choose from gel or shell pads, ranging in price from $33 - $40.


  • Residents can sign on for Homestead exemption

    If you are at least 65 years of age, you can save yourself $300 to $350 on your property taxes this year just by showing proof of age.

    The state's Homestead exemption law allows residents who are 65 years of age or older as well as residents who are 100 percent disabled to deduct $31,400 from the assessed value of their home before property taxes are paid. That means if a home is assessed at $100,000, the owner will have to pay property taxes on only $68,600.

  • Shelby Family Medicine joins hospital physician group

    The model of the family doctor getting out of medical school and setting up an office by himself, perhaps with his wife as combination nurse/office manager is getting rarer and rarer.

    Increasingly, physicians are joining group practices, and those groups, in turn, are joining larger groups, groups often owned by a hospital or large health care organization.

  • Plan would help state workers cut commute costs

    In an effort to help state workers save money on gas, Gov. Steve Beshear has announced two fuel saving initiatives for commuting employees.

    On Tuesday, the governor's office launched a new carpooling website designed to help link up commuting state employees and announced a more aggressive push toward flexible hours for workers throughout state government.

    For the hundreds of state employees who daily commute from Shelby County to Frankfort, the programs could save each driver up to $100 a month.

  • Homearama 2008 - Local man's home on display

    When Al Bennett builds a house, he wants the owners and their guests to feel at home the minute they walk in the door.

    Bennett, of Simpsonville, said creating a welcoming atmosphere is done by adding extra details and making sure that everything in the house is of the highest quality.

    "That's what buyers are looking for," he said. "So I try to give it to them."

    Because of Bennett's reputation as an innovative builder, he was asked to design and construct a house for this year's much-anticipated Homearama.

  • Johnson Controls cuts workforce in half - 114 are out of work

    When Steve Lear left his job at Johnson Controls last Thursday, his supervisors told him that his job would be there for him after the company came back from a month-long hiatus.

    But on Monday, Lear and 113 other employees found out that before they walked out the door on Thursday, their pink slips were already in the mail.

    "That was the notice I got for giving Johnson Controls 10 years of hard work," he said. "They don't care about no one but themselves."