• WICHE: Managing the drought conditions

    It has not been a very forgiving summer when it comes to the heat, but what is of more concern to us now is the lack of rain.

    Some are in the throes of a severe drought, other threaten soon t be put on the list. If you are among them, I hope you have started to water, because we are seeing some unfavorable conditions for newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials.

    So, how much is enough when it comes to water? Well it depends on the plant.

  • WICHE: The verdict is in 2010 tomato trials

    Since 2006 I have been bringing my personal tomato trials (and tribulations) to my readers. It is a good way to assess the season and the growing selection of heirloom varieties available to us. Sadly this year was sort of a bust for the vast majority of what I planted.

    I’ll start with the good news.

  • WICHE: Eupatorium species fill the fall garden

    Despite the horrendous heat and late-season drought conditions this summer, the perennial borders are still looking pretty good.

    We did do some spot watering but mostly careful consideration and selection of late summer bloomers has saved the day. Bold and rather hardy perennials like Tartarian asters, helianthus, salvias, golden rod, Russian sage, Japanese anemone, ornamental grasses and Joe Pye weed are still stalwart and in bloom. They have all anchored the fall garden well.

  • Farm numbers growing -- including profitability

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  • Farm subsidies key issue in Shelby

    While fighting for a key seat in the U.S. Senate,  Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul met Thursday in Louisville at the Kentucky Farm Bureau's Measure the Candidate meeting.

    Conway and Paul discussed a number of issues raised by KFB, including health care, free trade and immigration.

    John Wills, vice president of the Shelby County Farm Bureau, said he was impressed with the candidates. The forum was open only to media and state directors, but Wills watched one of the several broadcasts during the weekend.

  • More Shelby winners at Kentucky State fair

     4-H results

      Horticulture Terrariums

    Red Cameron Likes Shelbyville

    Class Champion Blue Scott Jeppson, Mount Eden

    Vegetable Bucket Gardens

    Blue Breanna Lyons, Waddy

  • EARLIER: Hail pounds tobacco crop

    During a time when Shelby County farmers are normally fighting a drought, they are now fighting severe storm damage and too much water.

    Storms swept through the region early Saturday morning and again Saturday evening, dropping a total of about 3.5 inches of rain and leaving several farmers from Eminence to Southville with crops heavily damaged by wind and hail.

  • WICHE: Crabgrass’s history reveals its multiple uses

    I heard someone lamenting their crabgrass the other day; they were convinced that this was the worst year ever.

    Maybe so, but usually by this time crabgrass rears its ugly head and begins to creep through our fescue lawns, sneak into our cultivated beds and, when we’re not looking, reseed its self to ensure the continuation of the species.

    Sounds a bit sinister for a grass, I suppose, but it sure is difficult to control.

  • These goats are old hand at winning

    Sixty-five goats and counting. That is the number of goats that Howard “Cadle” Shelburne and his wife, Joann, have on heir farm outside Simpsonville. 

    “This is just a hobby,” Shelburne says. “My wife just won’t get rid of them. Yep, it is a very expensive hobby.”

  • Shelby Countians who won at Kentucky State Fair

     Shelby Countians who won at Kentucky State Fair

    As posted on kystatefair.org by Wednesday

      Egg show White

    1 Brandon L. Curtsinger, Bagdad

    3 Brandon L. Curtsinger, Bagdad