• Shelby Countians like farms, don’t know impact

    Shelby County residents think it’s important to have farmland and preserve that heritage, although they don’t really know what its value is.

    That was a key point found in a poll commissioned by the Shelby Area Rural Conservation group and conducted last fall among 300 residents in the county.

    About 30 people turned out Wednesday night at the Shelby County Extension Office to hear those results from Martha DeReamer, CEO of Matrix Group, which gathered the data.

  • WICHE: If you don’t hear a peep(er), that’s a bad thing

    Absolutely nothing says spring more than the distant chorus of spring peepers.

    There is a wooded stream just off Conner Station that is home to a cacophonous band of peepersall competing for as many females as they can.  On a warm March evening, especially after a shower, spring peepers remind me of how glorious rural life can be.  Just by listening a whole other world can be imagined.

    Male spring peepers are the noisemakers.  The louder and faster they peep, the luckier they get on their quest to attract females.

  • Ag Report: March 2, 2012

    2 Shelby beef farms listed

    on angus association registry
    Dutch Creek Beef of Pleasureville and Heritage Farm of Shelbyville have been recognized nationally by the American Angus Association.

    Dutch Creek had six registered Angus cows included in the Association's 2012 Pathfinder Report, and Heritage Farm had two.

  • WICHE: Planting time almost here, and you can start indoors

    I am plotting and planning and placing orders for onion sets and seed potatoes and summer crops that will be directly seeded in the garden once the temperatures really warm. I can barely stand the wait!

    I have two trays of seedlings that I started about 2 weeks ago and have begun another round of kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts in 3 more trays.

    My setup is not elaborate. It basically consists of a kit that includes a plastic dome that fits over a seed tray and pan.

  • Ag Report: Feb. 24, 2012

    State to split $10 license donation

    among FFA, 4-H, Kentucky Proud

    Agriculture Commissioner James Comer joined Kentucky 4-H and Kentucky FFA leaders to announce that proceeds from voluntary donations to the Agricultural Program Trust Fund would be divided equally among 4-H, FFA, and Kentucky Proud.

  • Ag Report: Feb. 17, 2012

    Beef cattle sales rising

    to record high levels

    The mid-South states are the center of cow-calf beef production east of the Mississippi River: Kentucky ranks eighth nationally and Tennessee is ninth. With cattle prices up and exports climbing, industry officials also say it's a good time to raise beef cattle.

  • WICHE: I can make anyone love Brussels sprouts

    Brussels sprouts need a PR makeover, because no one seems to like them.

    Old varieties have been greatly improved from those forced on you as a child. Equally, cooking methods probably can stand some updating from the warm, mushy, bitter Barbie-doll-sized cabbage.

    Don’t boil them to death, but instead try instead some quick roasting underneath the broiler.

    Today we can thank breeding programs for developing a number of improved varieties of Brussels sprouts that are sweet and nutty in flavor.

  • Ag Report: Feb. 10, 2012

    9 state agribusinesses

    receive development grants

    USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced last week that nine Kentucky agribusiness will receive business development assistance in the most recent round of Value-Added Producer Grants (VAPG) awards.

    The VAPG program provides competitive grants to individual independent agricultural producers, groups of independent producers, producer-controlled entities, and farmer or rancher cooperatives to create or develop value-added producer-owned businesses. 

  • WICHE: Gear up for orchard maintenance

    I am so grateful that my husband, Andy, is in charge of the orchard. Fruit-tree maintenance, I am convinced, is an art.

    There are details to pruning that can make or break good fruit set, branch structure and ability to pick when the limbs are laden with ripe fruit. Although I understand the basics, I am glad Andy is the one that executes the task.

  • Ag report: Feb. 3, 2012

    Shelby County farm

    joins angus association

    3M Farm of Shelby County is a new member of the American Angus Association, reports Bryce Schumann, CEO of the national breed organization headquartered in Saint Joseph, Mo.

    The American Angus Association, with nearly 30,000 active adult and junior members, is the largest beef breed association in the world. Its computerized records include detailed information on nearly 19 million registered Angus.