• Shelby County Public Schools December calendar


    Thursday – School board 7 p.m. Central Office

    Dec. 14 – Young Leaders Institute: Government day

    Dec. 20-Jan. 1 – No school, winter break

  • Chapter 7: Being up a tree can bug you

    When I saw, “Welcome to California,” my heart stopped. “Dad, I’m sorry! I read the directions wrong. Surely Doc Albert didn’t want us in California!”

    “Relax,” Dad said, laughing. “We aren’t in the state of California; we’re in California, Kentucky, a city in Campbell County that has about 86 people – much different from the Golden State.”

  • Coin war results

    Colin Parker, a fifth-grader, sits among some of the coins being counted at Wright Elementary where students raised $1,761.93 over a 5-day activity period. Assistant Principal Steven Morris reported a grand total for the school, including staff donations, of $2,809.31. The most points earned by students were in Ryan McDowell’s class who had 11,419, earning them blizzards.

  • Night at Museum

  • Golden Pie Pan winner

    The winners of the Golden Pie Pan this year at Collins High School was Uhh Ohh Oreo made by Masai Whyte, Shayne White, Beth White, Kris Jones and Zach Wilson. The Golden Pie Pan contest is for culinary arts students at Collins. The students research a recipe and organize, plan and bake the pie of their choice for the project competition. The pies are then judged by staff on creativity, taste and appearance. This year’s winning pie was a version of an Oreo cream pie that won over the judges, according to teacher Bethany Farmer.

  • Chapter 6: A new prescription for fitness

    For the second time in my life I had fallen off a horse. Granted, the first time was the horse at the supermarket, but falling off Chester hurt even more. I don’t know what I was more upset over – falling off Chester or not getting a picture of the moose.

    “It was an elk, Woody, not a moose,” Pete said, correcting me when I told him the story. “Elk are prevalent in Kentucky’s forests. When you went to grab the camera you lost your balance and fell off. The thump you heard was your helmet hitting the ground.”

  • Honor rolls: Cornerstone Christian Academy

    First Grade

    Gentry Groves

    All A’s:  Opal Best, Maeve Cable, Ethan Hendricks, Lexi Lee, Noah Maxwell, Christian Goldey, Lara Barbour, Shelby White, David Ashby, Blake Davis, Savanah Butler, Dillon Ritchey, Jon Dudinskie, Grace White, Anthony Wooldridge, Owen Burke, Micah Webb, Eli Petrey, Alex Whitten, and Chris Northern

  • Reading buddies

    Cameron Chesser and Grant Thompson read a book together about Franklin, who was being asked by Beaver to borrow a book, in Angie Allen’s first-grade room at Heritage Elementary. When one boy got to the word “kite,” coaching was offered by describing the item so he could figure out the word. Cameron then made a connection to the book. “The wind tore up my kite.”

  • Putting the pieces together
  • Hop on a helicopter

    Heritage Elementary kindergarten students walked across a nearby field to walk through a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter. The visit of the UH-60 Blackhawk was part of a college/career readiness program, which allowed all students to see the aircraft and attend rotating visits with the pilot and crew in the gymnasium throughout the morning.