Winners of Young Authors program will be recognized

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By The Staff

There will be a reception Monday, May 12 at 7 p.m. to recognize county and school winners in the annual Young Authors program. The event at Painted Stone Elementary, 150 Warriors Way, will salute students in grades 1-8 from Shelby County Public Schools and Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy. See the following chart for names with an asterisk signifying the county winners.

Division 1

Drew Goodlett, Orange Head, Painted Stone Elementary; Bailey Sowder, The Witch and Madison, Simpsonville Elementary

Division 2

Madison Carona, The Adventure with max the Dog, Heritage Elementary; Shannon Robinson, Dot and Charlie, the Run Away Chickens, Simpsonville Elementary; Brayden Glass, A Clone and a Geny (A Clown and a Genie), Painted Stone Elementary

Division 3

Hannah Stumbo, Gallop Farms, Simpsonville Elementary; Gabriella Karas, Runner in Training, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy; Evan Ruff, Delbert the Dell is Feeling Well, Painted Stone Elementary

Division 4

Evonie Daugherty, The Night Katty Saw Santa, Simpsonville Elementary; Hannah Mattingly, Middle School Musical, Simpsonville Elementary; Page Bowman, Living the Dream, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy; Jeron Russell, Rock Cat Saves the Diamond, Heritage Elementary

Division 5

Emalee Turley, A Long, Hard Life, Heritage Elementary; Sarah Parr, ?Stranded?, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy

Division 6

Kathryn Brown, The Dream Weaver, East Middle; Nick Waurio, Da Bird, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy; Elizabeth Langlois, Amazon Rainforest, West Middle

Division 7

Casey Hill, The Last Warrior, The Last Hope, East Middle; Maria Cozzens, The Secret Organ, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy

Division 8

Sarah Downes, The Gift of Speech, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy; Matt Folsom, The Lost Brother's Journey, West Middle; Amber Bragg, My Son, East Middle

Division 9

Summer Johnson, Going on a Trip, Heritage Elementary

Division 11

Hannah Webb, Hailey Lafollette, The Great Robbery, Heritage Elementary; Evan Early, Evan Murray and Camden Hunter, Pranks to Prank Your Teacher, Painted Stone Elementary

Division 12

Cole Ivey and Joey Eblan, The Haunted Pendant, Clear Creek Elementary