WHAT WE THINK: Water tower removal is a sign of growth

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By The Staff

Facebook has been flooded recently with people taking photos of and waxing poetic about the old water tower in downtown Shelbyville.

As crews started working on taking it down over the weekend – and work will continue this weekend – we heard more and more people lament its removal.

We, too, were sad to see it go, but changes are necessary.

Water company manager Tom Doyle said last week that it would cost more than $300,000 just to bring it up to current safety standards.

We hate to see the history removed from downtown, the old water tower seemed to have so much more character in its design than the current ones, but progress calls. Officials with the water company said they believe it was built in the 1930s.

The fact that a new tower is in place – built closer to Southside Elementary – with a larger capacity, safer standards and more makes it difficult to find a reason to keep the old tower.

It is no longer in use, and outside aesthetics we can’t think why we should keep it.

It certainly will leave a hole in downtown streetscape, but we can still enjoy it while it is removed.

Stunning views could be seen on Saturday as the sun was setting and sparks were flying as they cut through the base of the tank to remove it from the legs.

So take this time to enjoy the water tower’s last gift to Shelbyville.

It can’t help your morning shower’s pressure any longer, but it can give you a few final views that will last.

And lastly, remember that as this smaller tower goes down, it means we’re moving forward.

We are growing, and with growth comes the need for more infrastructure. So let’s celebrate a successful transition to a newer, more modern addition to our city.