What we think: Anonymous caller deserves our scorn

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A student's idea to help the Shelby County Animal Shelter on Primary Election Day has been quelld -- along with all such future ideas -- because of one scornworthy call.

Sophia Sanchez had one of those ideas that we love to praise.
Ms. Sanchez, a student at Collins High School, decided that as a service project for her JROTC unit that she would set up boxes at each of the polling precincts on Primary Election Day so that voters could donate needed goods to the Shelby County Animal Shelter.
There is no secret that the shelter is full to its howling brim with cats and dogs, and there is a constant need for supplies. Organizations and businesses admirably host events routinely to allow not only visitors to donate to the shelter but also take home a winsome pet that could strike their fancies.
So we don’t understand why someone found Ms. Sanchez’s idea to be inappropriate, so much so that she – a woman, we are told – called the state elections board rather than Shelby County Clerk Sue Carole Perry to complain.
We don’t understand the jealousy and envy that must have driven someone to suggest that this would be a bad thing, to suggest potential legal action.
We don’t understand why that someone felt like she had to go over Ms. Perry’s head rather than just keep the conversation in Shelby County.
Could it be that the complainer didn’t want to take a chance that her name would become public, that she would be recognized, that she would be scorned?
If so, that was her only understandable decision.
Because we believe anyone who would undermine a student’s project and selfishly reduce the opportunity for donations to the shelter should be scorned.
We do have to admit that the tactics worked. Ms. Perry was advised by counsel to withdraw her approval of this project and, further, she has said that no such donation plans of any sort can be considered in the future.
Remarkably, Ms. Sanchez has regrouped and will have her fellow cadets at the shelter on Election Day – an off day from school, lest anyone complain – and collect donations.
We suggest that each of you go the extra mile out of your way and drop off supplies that day at Kentucky Street. The animals need your bleach, blankets and food etc., and Ms. Sanchez deserves success for her idea.
Because there should be only one loser in this situation – the woman who called to complain.
Shame on her.