Wendy's reopens after bomb threat

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Disgruntled employee suspected

By Lisa King

Wendy’s Restaurant on Taylorsville Road was shut down for about an hour just before 8 Tuesday night after employees received a bomb threat in a telephone call, police said.


Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Fred Rothenburger led in the evacuation of the building, which was shut down while deputies conducted a search for an explosive device and members of the Shelby County Fire Department stood by.

Employees were given the all clear to re-enter the building and reopen the restaurant at 8:50 p.m.

“We’re thinking right now it could the work of a disgruntled employee,” Rothenburger said. “The manager is going to compile a list of everyone that has been dismissed recently, and then we’ll have detectives pull the phone records and see if we can track it down from there.”