We congratulate: This true example of the Chirstmas spirit

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The community came together in a remarkable way to present a wheelchair-accessible van to the Hall family.

The holiday spirit was alive and well in Shelbyville on Saturday night, and we’re not referring specifically to the Celebration of Lights, although the 25th anniversary of that festival was widely attended and a wonderful success.

We speak, no, of the fabulous example of giving that was the presentation of a wheelchair-accessible van to Margaret Hall and her son, Glenn, during that celebration.

The Halls had needed a van because Glenn has a rare disease that confines him to his mother’s care, and at 14 he has grown too big for her to maneuver in and out of vehicles.

To the fore stepped Magistrate Tony Carriss, who pulled together the most grass roots of efforts and generated bake sales and corn-hole tournaments that brought in $40,000 to purchase the van, insure it for a year and add $1,000 worth of fuel.

Now that is a Christmas gift.

But Mr. Carriss was hardly a one-man effort, having the loving assistance of about 50 people, contributions from civic clubs and even an add-on donation from the company that sold the van.

No, this was a gift from the community of mankind, an expression of love and an understanding that helping our neighbors in need is something we all should do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that spirit would extend to the rest of the world?