WE CONGRATULATE: Shelbyville's steps to add trash, recycling service

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The public hearing was a good idea, and we look forward to an ordinance to serve residents.

Good job by the Shelbyville City Council last week when it conducted an open meeting to review its plans to adopt a citywide curbside and recycling program.

That was the penultimate appropriate step, to answer questions from and disseminate information to the public about those plans. Next would be the ultimate decision: to pass an ordinance enacting the collection of trash and recyclables from all residences.

Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty has been steadfast in continuing with this concept despite the fact that Shelby County Fiscal Court left the city at the altar in what could have been a marriage of services that would have provided an even more cost-effective plan for citizens.

But Mayor Hardesty is proving that doing the right thing is most important here. He is looking forward to serving his city by providing an essential service and ensuring that residents have an easy opportunity to preserve the environment by recycling.

We encourage council members to continue with a clear path to complete and cost-effective garbage-recycling services, which is the right thing for a government to be doing, and we look forward to the city’s next hearing and to the council’s review of an ordinance.

We only wish we could congratulate the county’s decision-makers as well.