WE CONGRATULATE: A new company coming to Shelby

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Brown Jordan is opening at Simpsonville.

We’re happy to see another international company putting up its banner and moving employees into Shelby County.

Brown Jordan Inc., the world’s No. 1 maker of high-end casual and outdoor furniture, will open its showroom and warehouse in Kingbrook Industrial Park in Simpsonville next week, relocating from storm-ravaged Haleyville, Ala., to be nearer Brown Jordan’s headquarters in Louisville.

Brown Jordan won’t bring with it an overwhelming number of new jobs – not even 50 at its seasonal peak – but it does represent a very large company moving into a wonderful and otherwise vacant facility along Buck Creek Road – which isn’t a bad commercial for other such companies that may be considering our county for new investment.

In fact, this continues a yearlong positive trend of jobs that have been sown and are now abloom in Shelby County’s industrial parks.

Armed with state incentives and impressed by the economic and sociological advantages of our state and county, these companies are deciding to make moves and invest in our people and our markets.

And before long, as this trend continues, an interesting factor will come to be true:
We no longer will moan the day we lost the proposed Harley-Davidson plant, because all the resources that company would have soaked up now are being distributed to even more jobs to benefit more companies.

And, you know, somehow, in a strange way, that feels pretty good by comparison.