We congratulate: Centenary's steps to help Puckett

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By The Staff

We think it’s a wonderful thing that the folks at Centenary United Methodist Church want to do for Duanne Puckett – again.

They are raising money to buy her a new van, and we don’t think anyone deserves the assistance more than Ms. Puckett, because in her story is inspiration for all of us.

Ms. Puckett has been our hero because for the better part of three decades she worked for this newspaper and one of its forebearers, rising to a career as editor that merited her a place in the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame. In that sentence lies what many would say is a lifetime of achievement.

But for those who don’t know Ms Puckett, here is the real achievement: A girl struck down in a tragic auto accident while she was in high school recovers, learns to maneuver life in a wheel chair, goes through painful surgeries and treatments and emerges from the other side of that sad cocoon as a butterfly of grace, dignity, dedication and glowing spirit.

Ms. Puckett works today as community relations manager of Shelby County Public Schools.

And with all due respect to the great educators who walk the halls, we can’t imagine the students have a better role model than the woman they affectionately call “Bug.”

That Centenary will repeat its great gift of 1997 with a new fully equipped van is the sort of thing to be expected of a loving church.

But they are also helping all of us by helping to preserve a model for lives still in development.