Updated: Simpsonville delays fireworks again

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Simpsonville's Red White and Boom will be July 12, Shelbyville's Shake the Lake on July 13

By Cameron Koch

Officials with Simpsonville Parks and Rec. have delayed their fireworks...for a second time.

A rainy 4th of July pushed the celebration to Saturday, but with rain lingering in the forecast through the weekend Simpsonville Parks and Rec. Director Chris Truelock has pushed the event to Friday, July 12. The event, which will also include food service, inflatable bounce-houses and music, will still begin at its regularly scheduled time of 4 p.m.

Shelbyville/Shelby County Parks and Recreation director Shawn Pickens said their show has been postoned to Saturday, July 13th, after looking at severe weather forecasts for tomorrow night.  The July 13th date was chosen due to the availability of the fireworks company who will be shooting off the fireworks.

This is the first year Shelby County will host two fireworks shows, even though now it looks like they won't be competing on the holiday.

The first Shelbyville firework show started in 1976, went on for several years and, after a prolonged hiatus, returned in the 1990s as "Shake the Lake". The show has been annual ever since.

However, “Shake the Lake” now has a little competition in the first “Red, White and Boom” fireworks show being held at Simpsonville Park in Simpsonville.

“It’s kind of been the wish of the mayor and the city council [commission] for a while,” Truelock said.

“Red, White and Boom,” which will begin at 4 p.m., shares many similarities with “Shake the Lake” – both shows will feature live bands, concessions, and inflatable fun – but differentiates itself is in two key areas: price and the fireworks show itself.

Admission to Simpsonville’s first Fourth of July celebration, now on Saturday, will be free for both adults and kids – “Shake the Lake,” now on July 13, is $3 for persons 3 and older – and the main attraction, the fireworks, will be shot off to music in a production by Sky Magic Pyrotechnics out of Indiana.

Truelock said the Simpsonville show has been a long time coming.

“We’ve pretty much been planning this for a year and a half,” Truelock said. “The desire was to have it last year on the fourth, but we wanted to make sure we did the thing right and did it well, so we opted to not do it last year and start this year.”

Response from the Simpsonville community has been very positive, he said. While he said it was hard to estimate turnout numbers as this was the event’s first year, he did say he expected hundreds of people from within the Simpsonville community and some from outside of it to attend.

“We’ve marketed it very heavily in the Simpsonville area,” Truelock said.

In past years “Shake the Lake” has had strong attendance numbers. In 2011 close to 2,000 people attended the fireworks show and celebration, with a little more than 1,500 showing up for last year’s event, Pickens said.

It remains to be seen whether or not the two shows will be taking attendees from one another, but Pickens said he doesn’t view the Simpsonville show as competition, saying they are more than welcome to put on a fireworks show for their local community and the rest of Shelby County.

“It’s Fourth of July, the way I look at it,” Pickens said. “The more fireworks, the better.”