UofL-UK wrap-up

Here are five of my thoughts after UofL's 24-17 victory over UK on Saturday night:

1. Wow! Not what I expected at all. Wow to Teddy Bridgewater! The true freshman looked very, very good in relief of Will Stein. Wow to Dominique Brown! What genius came up with the idea of putting him at running back? Wow to the Cardinals' offense, especially their running game! Is it just me, or was that a completely different UofL team than the one that showed up for the first two games?!

2. Speaking of running games, where was UK's? I guess the Wildcats missed Raymond Sanders more than many of us thought they would. They had a whopping 1.1 yard per carry.

3. Despite that last pass on fourth down, don't blame this one on Morgan Newton. The UK QB looked much better than he did in the Cats' first two games going 27-for-41 for 255 yards and two touchdowns.

4. Where did E.J. Fields come from? The good news for UK fans is that the Cats now have another playmaking receiver besides La'Rod King because the kid from Frankfort had seven catches for 57 yards and a touchdown.

5. The heat is now a little hotter on Joker Phillips, even though I don't think it should be. C'mon, UK fans he's only in his second season as a head coach give the guy a break. But you've got to admit that after tonight's victory UofL is now the football program with "the juice" in this state.