Three injured in accident on Boones Station

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Transported to JHS with minor injuries

By Lisa King

Three people were taken to Jewish Hospital with minor injuries resulting from a two-car collision at the intersection of Boone Station Road and KY 43.

Names of those involved were not immediately available, and the details of the crash are unknown.

Basically, a Firebird and an SUV collided at the intersection shortly after 3 p.m., resulting in severe damage to both vehicles, and leaving the SUV flipped on its top.

Shelby County Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Ivers said he did not know any specifics, but that a mother and daughter were traveling in the SUV and the Firebird contained only the driver.

Bill Hedges, magistrate in District 4, who passed by the accident, said he has been very concerned about that particular intersection for a while.

“What we really need at that location is a turning light, because it is a very dangerous area,” he said.

“I drive it every day, and in the mornings and afternoons, it can be just terrible. It’s almost impossible to turn onto [KY] 43 going south or on old Eminence Pike going north. I don’t know if they’ve done any traffic studies on it, but we have had several accidents there. I get more complaints about that light than about any other place in my district.”

The roadway was shut down for just over an hour.