State, Shelby road crews expect slight accumulation

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No definite plans for salting

By Lisa King

State and local officials say they are unconcerned about inclement weather tonight and do not have any specific plans to deal with it at this point.

“I have been monitoring the road temperatures today, and the blacktop is still well above sixty degrees, so we will not be salting tonight,” said Shelby County Road Supervisor Carl Henry, adding that he does plan to monitor the weather throughout the evening and if it should take a turn for the worst, he will act accordingly.

Andrea Clifford, spokesperson for the Transportation Cabinet, said the same but that she is awaiting word on the possibly that state crews could do some salting on bridges.

“We are expecting possibility about two-tenths of an inch of accumulation tonight late, and I am waiting for word from the bridge crews to see if they will be salting some bridges around midnight,” she said.