STAPLETON: Slipped discs can be treated

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By Dr. James Stapleton

A slipped disc is a painful condition involving one or more of the 23 discs that cushion the bones of the spine.

As with other causes of back pain, it is often incorrectly assumed that surgery is the only logical treatment. The truth is many of these injuries do not require surgery.

The pain from the vast majority of disc injuries can be eliminated or greatly eased with chiropractic treatment. That treatment may include steps as simple as ice application to reduce pain and inflammation, to more complex steps like flexing therapy to improve mobility and spinal adjustments to restore joint mobility.

The treatment may also include electrical therapy to decrease pain and establishment of an overall exercise regimen to improve flexibility and strength. The chiropractor may also give you advice on posture and movement to prevent aggravation of the condition.

In extreme cases, where neurosurgical treatment may be the required course of treatment, you chiropractor will help you with a referral. But remember, check all your options for treatment with health professionals before electing any sort of surgery.        


Carpal tunnel avoidance

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that affects the wrists and hands. It’s the most commonly reported workplace medical issue.

The condition occurs most commonly in assembly-line workers in repetitive-motion jobs, such as sewing, finishing, manufacturing and meatpacking. Chiropractic experts recommend stretching and light exercise before settling into the job at hand.

Frequent rest breaks are also effective, as are fingerless gloves, which allow for dexterity, but also keep the hands and wrist warm and muscles and ligaments pliant. Wearing wrist braces can help keep wrists straight and avoid painful nerve compression.

Rotating jobs among workers is also effective in reducing the problem. Naturally, the more a company puts into making the workplace ergonomically sound, the more the company can avoid lost worker time.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, talk with your chiropractor. Chiropractic is proven effective in easing the discomfort.  


Dr. James Stapleton is an owner of Shelby County Chiropractic. You may reach him at 633-1073 or visit www.shelbycountychiropractic.com.