Shelbyville woman who escaped I-65 accident in rehab

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Natalie Mudd expects to undergo at least 2 weeks of intense rehab

By Lisa King

Natalie Mudd, a Shelbyville insurance adjuster who was seriously injured in a horrific six-car pile up in Hardin County March 4 that injured two others, is out of the hospital, and facing several months of rehabilitation, which will be especially grueling in the coming weeks, her husband said.

“She’s been moved to the Masonic Home for rehab and will probably be there for about three weeks for some hard core rehab,” said Marcy Mudd.

“We’re hoping that after three or four weeks, we can have somebody come into the house and help her out.”

Mudd said she is in good spirits, even though she has to wear a device around her waist for several months because of a serious injury to her pelvis.

“I have an external fixator, that’s what they call it, that’s actually fused to my pelvic bone,” she said. “So I have a big halo that sticks around out in front of me.”

Mudd said the physical therapists at the Masonic Home are “wonderful.”

“They’ve been doing an awesome job taking care of me here,” she said. “I’m doing good; I got up and started walking Saturday, and I made it out of the room and down the hall. “I’m just taking it step by step, little by little. Sunday, they even got me out and rolled me around, so I got to enjoy some spring weather.”

Marcy Mudd said she is glad to have her home from the University of Louisville where she was taken after the crash so she can be close by.
“It’s [Masonic Home] just five minutes from our house and five minutes from our church,” he said.

Mudd, 35, was among three people injured when her vehicle, a van, was hit by three different cars before being sandwiched between two large trucks in chain reaction type crash near Elizabethtown that was caused when the driver of a tractor-trailer hit a car that went airborne.

Her vehicle was so smashed that several people, including Dave Hamlin, the pastor of Shelby Christian Church, where Mudd teaches Sunday school to second through five graders, said her survival was a miracle.

Marcy Mudd said the support of her church friends, as well as people from all over the community, has been a great comfort to his wife.

“A lot of people from church and the community have been visiting, and that means a lot to her,” he said.

Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty, who also attends Shelbyville Christian, says he plans to visit her soon.

“I just found out she was here,” he said. “I am praying for her and wishing her a speedy recovery.”

Marcy Mudd said expectations are that even though his wife has a long road ahead, she will have a complete recovery.

“The prognosis is good and she should back to normal after several months with, hopefully, no long term side effects,” he said. “So we feel really blessed.”