Shelbyville City Council: Annexation ordinance not ready for review

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By Todd Martin

The Shelbyville City Council will have another short agenda this week, but it could be altered.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the council had just one item to take up, the correction of a clerical mistake on the ordinance that increased the pay scale of the fire fighters.

"It's just something about the hours that firefighters work, because they work different hours than normal jobs," Mayor Tom Hardesty said.

The amendment to the ordinance, he said, doesn't change the pay scale for anyone.

The council approved in December a 1.5 percent increase for all police and firefighters.

The council could add the second reading of an ordinance that deals with the re-annexation of the 70-plus acres of land at the southwest corner of Harrington Mill and Freedom's Way.

Hardesty said the ordinance was not ready for a second reading on Tuesday afternoon, stating that the "city attorney and Mrs. [Jennifer] Herrell want to get it just right so we don't have to do it again. If it gets finished, it could be added, but it's not finished now."

New city attorney Steve Gregory said there is no additional land being added to the ordinance, but "we had to go back and fix some things in order to make it go forward.

"There are some technicalities with how the secretary of state wants it, and because we made some changes with the addition of the railroad property, we're having to do some work."

Gregory added that there is no timeframe for the project.

"It's something we're focused on right now, but we have no deadline at this point," he said. "We just want to make sure everything is done properly. There's no rush."