Shelbyville bank gets ‘hit’ by a car

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Driver navigates into a brick wall

By Lisa King

“I got a phone call, and somebody said, ‘Hey, Tom, do you know there’s a car sticking out of your bank?’ And I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’”

But Tom Vogel, branch manager of Mainsource Bank, soon found out the call was no joke.

When Vogel arrived at the bank, at 1734 Midland Trail, shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday, he found a big hole in the front of the bank, where a car had crashed right through the brick wall. The car was still there.

Vogel said he thinks the incident was captured on the bank’s surveillance system.

Kelly Cable, community resource officer with Shelbyville Police, which worked the incident, said the name of the suspect could not be released until a criminal summons is issued.

“We will be able to release more information at that time,” Cable said Monday.

Cable said he did not know what the charges would be, but at least, leaving the scene of an accident is part of it.

Vogel said he and some of the bank’s staff stayed at the bank, cleaning up and helping to secure the facility while crews boarded up the front of the bank.

“It sure was past my bedtime when I got home, which made the time change even more unkind,” he said with a chuckle.

Vogel said that as bad as the incident was, it could have been worse.

“It doesn’t look real pretty, but we are open for business,” he said. “And the thing that gave me chills, if it had happened during business hours, there is someone that works at that desk, right there where the car came through the wall. They would probably have been killed, or at least hurt real bad. Bricks and mortar can be fixed, but you can’t replace a life.”