Shelby woman on United flight blames supervisor for incident

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Says the situation should have never escalated to violence

By Ashley Sutter

Thanks to the power of social media and smart phones, news has quickly spanned the globe regarding a passenger that was forcibly and violently removed from a flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday for refusing to voluntarily give up his seat. 

If you’ve seen the disturbing footage, you’ve likely heard the screams of David Dao as several officers yanked him from his seat, followed by the cries of another passenger, Mary Myers, in his defense. 

The cell phone footage shows an incoherent and bloodied Dao being drug down the isle and Myers looks in horror and pleas for compassion. “No, this is wrong.  Oh my God, look at what you are doing to him,” she shouted.

Myers, a Shelbyville resident who works at Associates In Pediatric Therapy, said she was absolutely horrified at what she witnessed on that flight Sunday.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she said. “I mean they smashed his face into the armrest.  And when he was dragged by me he looked like he had been knocked out and he was bleeding.”

Myers said the entire situation should have never escalated to those extreme measures and puts the entire incident on the shoulders of an aggravated supervisor.

Myers said the supervisor appeared frustrated and annoyed that the passenger refused to give up his seat and immediately threatened to call police on Dao for his for refusing to cooperate.

“She could have made a difference, she could have handled it differently,” Myers said. “She’s the one who started it all.”


For more from Myers, see the full story in Friday’s Sentinel-News.