Shelby landmark caboose headed for a new track

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Shelby landmark purchased, moved

By Todd Martin

An unofficial landmark left Shelbyville on Thursday when the old caboose on U.S. 60 just east of the city was carted off.

The caboose was purchased nearly a year ago by Scott Nash, a retired teacher in Louisville, who hired Adkins Export Packing and Machinery Movers to cart the caboose to his home in Fern Creek.

"We built him a little railroad track at his house and got him some trucks, or wheels, so he can put it on there," said Cory Malone who works for Adkins, and is a Shelby County resident. "It's kind of weird, that thing’s been here forever."

Actually, it has sat in that spot near the old Martin's Jewelers since 1974, Nash said.

"The lady that owns it said her mom bought it in 1974, and it's just sat there ever since," he said. "I've always been interested in cabooses, and I'd driven by it a few times, so one time I just stopped and asked."

Now with the caboose at his home, Nash has to figure out what to do with it.

"I'm not sure yet," he said. "The outside needs to be redone, but inside it's really in good shape.

"There's a lot of original equipment inside like the old ice box, a console in the middle so you can sit up top and look out the middle, and there's an old pot belly stove."

Nash said the train is all tongue-and-groove pine throughout the inside that is also still in really good shape. And it appears it used to be a sleeper car, with two beds near the back."

Nash said he plans to do most of the restoration of the outside on his own.

The purchase is a strange one for Nash, who said he doesn't own any other trains and isn't into model trains either.

"No," he said laughing. "I don't really know what we'll do with it. We'll get it here, refinish it and then we'll see, I guess."