Shelby County Fair Horse Show results: June 19, 2013

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Listed: Horse, owner, rider

5-Gaited Amateur

1.     I’m Royalty Too, Fish Creek Stables, Brittany McGinnis

2.     Cheerful Memories, Pamela Slater, Andrew Slater

3.     Heir Assault, Ed/Candi Aversenti, Candi Aversenti

4.     Callaway’s Bookmark, Silver Brook Stables Inc., Jo Ann Griffin

Junior Roadster Pony

1. Heartland Secret Attraction, Susan Olcot, Andre Van Schalkwyk

3-Gaited Park Open

1.     Off the Record, Amy Dix Rock, Rob Byers

2.     Alde Mar’s Crystal Pistol, Janet Kellett, Johanna Kapioltas

3.     CH Doctor Zhivago, Maguire Hall LLC, Dena Lopez

4.     Bob Bobaloo, A.E. Nelson, A.J. Bruwer

5.     Undulata’s Nuts and Bolts, Wade Giles, Bret Day

Amateur Harness Pony

1.     Last Call, Golden Creek Farm, Mary Gaylord McClean

2.     Heartland Queen of the Road, Susan Olcott, Susan Olcott

3.     Michigan’s Striking Image, Dr. Robert Pugh LLC, Linda Fischer

4.     Major Impact, Karen Frickey, Karen Frickey

5.     Regal’s Norma Jean LF, Kathy Buente, Kathy Buente

Adult 3-Gaited Show Pleasure

1.     Shagadelic, Deborah/Jennifer Halverson, Jennifer Halverson

2.     Nuttin But the Best, Elisabeth Goth LLC, Ali Judah

3.     Captain Sparrow JJS, James/Judy Skinner, Caroline Skinner

4.     Future Perfect, Christie and/or Douglas Milbury, Kristen Stivers

5.     Undulata’s Hullaballoo, Shawn Stachowski, Jennifer McGowan

5-Gaited Novice

1.     Our Favorite Memory, Shirley Bruwer and Wendy Rinehart, Merrill Murray

2.     Kiss My Attache, All Well Farm, Derrick Westbrook

3.     Mountainview’s North Star, Hart and Ronald Shields, Wyatt Dehart

4.     Mystery Magic, Ashlyn Farms LLC, Rob Byers

5.     Concise, Jack Cumber, Sarah Mackenna

Pleasure Horse/Pony Walk/Trot

1.     CH Pierre Cardin, Barbara Hendrickson, Bethany Welch

2.     Miss Fuente’, Mike Tunstall, Aine O’Rourke

3.     TKA Royal Attraction, Hope Puckett, Parker Puckett

4.     I Will If I Want, Patricia Burton, Taylor Burton

5.     My Silver Lace, Dena Lopez, Kassady Bentley

Junior Exhibit Country Pleasure

1.     CH League of Nations, Stacey Himmelstein-White, Rhiannan White, John Conatser

2.     G.V. Silver Oak, Grand Vin Stables LLC, Sommer Justice

3.     Nutcracker’s Time to Shine, Melissa Johnson, Foster Roberts

4.     De la Hoya, Shelby Farm and Stables LLC, Hannah Houske

5.     CH Prophet’s Fire Hazard, Marek Poe and Seth McKenna, Marek Poe

2-Year-Old Fine Harness

1.     See The Light, Crabtree Farms, Casey Crabtree

UPHA Walk/Trot Challenge Cup

1.     Callaway’s Never Wanted More, Jacqueline Manzo, Jessica Manzo

2.     CF Cool Night Out, Janine Butscher, Harriet Butscher

3.     Miner’s Blessing, Mary/Michelle Miller, Haily Miller

4.     The Crowd Favorite, James Orr, Ryan Visser

Roadster to Bike Open

1.     Street Legal GRS, Dr. Robert Pugh LLC, Juan Rios

2.     Mountain Beach, Mike Felty, Mike Felty

3.     Spellbound, Jeff Purcell, Debbie Foley

4.     L.F. Party Guy, Gail Kline and Mozelle Anson, Chad Cole

Junior 3-Gaited Park

1.     Spanky McFarland, John/Tammie Conatser, John Conatser

2.     Buenas Noches BHM, Lynn Carol Schweickert, Jannie Giles

3.     Belle Reve’s Lady Madonna, Belle Reve Farm, Steve Wheeler

4.     The Nutty Society CC, Chambers Circle C Ranch, Nicola Burger

5.     Ringo’s Mega Bucks, Chris/Helena Meeks, Melissa Moore

Adult Country Pleasure

1.     High Point Memories, Willow Wind Saddlebreds, Kristen Stivers

2.     Diamonds and Bling, Andi Bittker, Andi Bittker

3.     Juicy Fruit, Karen Thompson, Karen Thompson

4.     Negative Image, Susan Olcott, Susan Olcott

5.     Reedann’s All Aglow, Sharon La Pierre and David Bruce, Laurel Nelson

Junior Exhibitor 5-Gaited Show Pleasure

1.     HS Kiss My Grits, Jennie Turner Garlington, Mitchell Tunstall

2.     Oom Pah Pah, Robin Rogers, Anna Rogers-Daub

3.     Out Too Late, Texas K Club LLC, Kara Hachigian

4.     Guilty As Charged, Beth Walgreen, Sophia Rodriguez

5.     Into the Wind, Kaylee Smith, Kaylee Smith

Amateur Park Pleasure

1.     Elegant Silhouette, Gina Krein and Emily Winchell, Emily Winchell

2.     Callaway’s Back At Ya, Liz Connor, Liz Connor

Open Hackney Pony

1.     Regal’s Trademark LF, Golden Creek Farm, Mary Gaylord McClean

2.     Nobu, Frickey Farm Inc., Karen Frickey

Amateur 3-Gaited

1.     Heir to A Kiss, Merrell Magelli, Merrell Magelli

2.     Callaway’s Undercover Blues, Larry Hodge, Patsy Loeb

3.     Ribbons and Reins, Sondra Kipper, Stacey Kipper

4.     Sir Robin Hood, Michelle Moss Trowbridge, Michelle Moss Trowbridge

5.     Destiny’s Divine Promise, Tyler Hawkins, Tyler Hawkins

ASB Western Country Pleasure

1.     Late Last Night, Idle Hour Saddlebreds LLC, Jennifer Moritz

2.     Stonecroft Me First, Pam/Bruce Milligan, Charlotte Kurtz

3.     Delightful Fascination, Debi Chylek, Debi Chylek

4.     CH America’s Lass, Suzanne Bradshaw, Lindsey Sowell

5.     The Power of One, Laurie B. Fowler, Laurie B. Fowler

Junior Exhibitor Show Pleasure Driving

1.     Mr. Bigglesworth, Jeff Key, Jessie Key