School menus: Jan. 17, 2014

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No schools – Martin Luther King day: “The time is always right to do what is right”


No school – Professional Development Day


Elementary schools – Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (24g), WG Apple Muffin (26g): Entrées: Hot Dog (1g), on Bun (26g), Chicken Tender Wrap w/ Cheese (35.6g); Sides: Vegetarian Baked Beans (32.97g), Cole Slaw (7.14g), Fresh Apple (15g), Mandarin Oranges (19g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: Cinnamon Roll (36g), Breakfast Wrap w/Salsa (14g); Entrées: Big Daddy Cheese (33g) and Pepperoni Pizza (33g), Mini Corn Dogs (30g), Pretzel (28g) w/Cheese Sauce (6g); Sides: Tossed Salad (4g), Corn (18.77g), Fresh Apple (15g), Mandarin Oranges (19g); Condiments: Ketchup (2g), Mustard (0g) Ranch (1.9g)


Elementary schools –Breakfast: Mini Blueberry Waffles (38g), WG Banana Muffin (26g); Entrées: Grilled Cheese (V)(31g), Hamburger (1g), on Bun (29g); Sides: Sunshine Carrots (5.62g), Tater Tots w/Ketchup, Fresh Apple (10.5g), Mixed Fruit (16g), WG Chocolate Chip Cookie (19g); Condiments: Ketchup (2g), Mustard (0g),

Middle schools – Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza (24g) WG Bfast Bun (39g) Entrée Choices Honey BBQ Pork Bites(7g) w/WG Roll(24g) Chicken Strips w/Roll(16g), Entre Salad(6.54g) w/Roll(24g); Side Items: Steamed Broccoli(9.42g) Vegetarian Beans(32.97g) Fresh Veggies(6.15g) Fresh Apple (15g) Peaches(16.5g) Condiments Honey Mustard(5g), BBQ Sauce(11g) Ketchup(2g), Ranch Dressing(1g), Margarine(0g)


Elementary schools – Breakfast: Breakfast Wrap (14g), WG Chocolate Chip Muffin (27g); Entrées: WG 4x6 Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza (V) (40g), WG 4x6 Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza (P) (40g); Sides: Corn (18.77g), Nantucket Blend (4.52g)

Middle schools – Breakfast: Egg and Cheese Biscuit (27g), WG Strawberry Pop tart (38g); Entrées: Cheesy Max Sticks (34g) w/Marinara Sauce (8g), Fish Nuggets (21g) w/WG Hash Puppies (12.5g), Sunbutter Box (74g); Sides: Fresh Baby Carrots (5.79g), Confetti Veggies (10.6g), Fresh Apple (15g), Sliced Pears (18g), WG Chocolate Chip Cookie (19g); Condiments: Ranch Dressing(1g), Ketchup(2g)